Black Box Webinar to Highlight How Black Box Employees Use Black Box Technology Solutions

PITTSBURGH March 23, 2021 — Black Box, an industry-leading provider of IT connectivity solutions, will host a webinar at 10 a.m. CET on March 25 to illustrate the ways the company uses its own products to support a flexible work-from-home model for Black Box employees. Registration for this free webinar in the Black Box “Coffee Break” series is open now.

Black Box Webinar to Highlight How Black Box Employees Use Black Box Technology Solutions

Hosted by Black Box marketing communication manager Daniel Prax, senior event marketing manager Jasmin Pfennig and insight sales manager Pascal Fournaise, the “How Black Box Uses Black Box” webinar will show how Black Box products make it easier to create a complete and comfortable home office environment without clutter or complex equipment configurations. The trio will discuss the products and product combinations that Black Box employees use to achieve just the right equipment setup for their jobs and their work styles.

Following the live presentation, Prax and Fournaise will take audience questions about how today’s KVM, AV and IT technologies can support specific work-from-home models today — and as remote work continues to evolve.

Information about Black Box and its full product portfolio is available at

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About Black Box

Black Box has been a world-leading provider of premier IT infrastructure solutions for more than 45 years. Today, the company continues to design and manufacture award-winning pro AV, KVM, cabling and networking products known for their advanced functionality, flawless performance, outstanding reliability and fail-safe security. Black Box solutions are used every day in government, education, commercial enterprises and any other organization that requires the utmost quality and performance from its IT infrastructure.

In addition to creating industry-leading products, Black Box demonstrates every day a complete commitment to providing its customers with the industry's best technical support and service. The award-winning dedicated support staff at Black Box works around the clock to ensure that customers' systems are always up and running optimally. The world-class support and service provided by Black Box is as important to the successful IT, communications and business operations of customers as the powerful products and solutions the company delivers.

Black Box is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Networks Limited. To learn more, visit the Black Box website at Follow the company on Twitter @BlackBox_ns. Black Box® and the Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks of BB Technologies Inc.

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