Black Box at IBC Showcase 2020

On its IBC Showcase exhibitor page, Black Box will highlight a robust array of KVM switching, extension, control and visualization solutions that interoperate smoothly to enable greater workflow optimization and management, provide support for more advanced formats, and ensure exceptional security for on-premises and remote work scenarios. Demos will address the industry’s need for convenient and intuitive real-time access to multiple computers from multiple locations, whether across rooms, floors, buildings, sites or cities.

Black Box Products at IBC Showcase 2020

Black Box Emerald Unified KVM Platform

Black Box will highlight its Emerald® Unified KVM platform, which provides broadcasters and others with the exceptional flexibility and network security essential to state-of-the-art KVM extension and switching. The low-latency, high-performance Emerald 4K and Emerald SE transmitter-receiver pairs connect workstations with remote computers and servers over distances up to 10 kilometres over single-mode fibre, or even farther over IP, while the Emerald Remote App facilitates convenient anywhere-anytime access without the need for additional hardware receivers. With uniquely robust capabilities for reliable extension and switching of video, audio, USB and serial signals across any number of physical and virtual servers, Emerald lowers users’ cost of ownership, enables greater workflow optimization and helps preserve existing IT investments.

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Image Caption: The Black Box Emerald® Unified KVM platform provides exceptional flexibility and network security essential to state-of-the-art KVM extension and switching.

Remote App for Black Box Emerald Unified KVM Platform

The Remote App for the Emerald® Unified KVM platform is a first-of-its-kind software-based solution that gives authorised users simultaneous remote access to one or more sources — PCs, servers or virtual machines — across an Emerald KVM network. This enables cost savings as well as greater flexibility, ease of access and efficiency. Supporting multiple, simultaneous connections and industry-leading performance for full-HD video up to 45 fps, the Emerald Remote App is ideal for tasks such as remote process and applications monitoring. With authentication against the award-winning Boxilla® KVM network manager from Black Box, the Remote App offers users a convenient list of connections and provides access quickly and easily, just like a standard hardware-based system. However, because the Remote App is not tethered to a fixed location, users can access the Emerald KVM network from anywhere using their own computers or laptops.

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Image Caption: Remote App for Black Box Emerald® Unified KVM Platform

ZeroU DVI Transmitter for Emerald Unified KVM Platform

A little bigger than a smartphone, the compact Emerald® ZeroU DVI transmitter works with the Emerald SE receiver to give users a seamless desktop experience anywhere on a TCP/IP network — with actual hardware housed securely in a corporate data centre or in the cloud. With dimensions of 7 centimetres wide by 15.5 centimetres long by 2.5 centimetres high, the ZeroU device is ideal for applications in which space is limited or costly. Supporting visually lossless full HD DVI video up to 1920 x 1200 and requiring less than 40 Mbps of bandwidth for 1080p video, the transmitter brings high-performance connectivity to a wide variety of applications, including broadcast, postproduction and more. Like all Emerald devices, the ZeroU transmitter can be managed by Boxilla®, the award-winning KVM network management system from Black Box.

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Image Caption: Black Box ZeroU DVI Transmitter for Emerald® Unified KVM Platform

EMEA DEBUT: Emerald PE High-Performance, IP-Based KVM Extenders

The new Emerald® PE line of high-performance, IP-based KVM extenders is tailored to the demands of applications including HD video and audio editing, live production and broadcast playout, as well as 3D and graphic design. Emerald PE transmitters and receivers enable extension and matrix switching of pixel-perfect HD DVI video (up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz), transparent USB 2.0 and bidirectional analogue audio — over a dedicated or existing IP network, or even the internet — between any number of users and computers, servers or virtual machines. The IP-based KVM solution features built-in system redundancy with dual network ports and can be deployed as a point-to-point KVM extender connecting the user to a remote computer or, when scaled up, can serve as a managed KVM matrix switching system.

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 Image Caption: Black Box Emerald® PE High-Performance, IP-Based KVM Extenders

Boxilla KVM and AV IT System Manager

Black Box will demonstrate how its Boxilla® enterprise-level KVM manager is changing the way businesses deploy, configure, monitor and manage equipment on their networks. Integrated with solutions such as the Black Box Emerald KVM-over-IP platform, Boxilla provides an intuitive interface for monitoring system performance, configuring proactive security alerts, checking on real-time device status, and identifying active devices, connections and users, as well as their current bandwidth usage. Offering a precise view of network bandwidth, Boxilla also provides at-a-glance access to dropped frames, round-trip time and other critical system and device data.

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Image Caption: Black Box Boxilla® KVM and AV IT System Manager

Black Box ControlBridge Multisystem and Room Control

ControlBridge® is a complete multisystem and room control system for control rooms and building automation. Using a single touch panel to control KVM, AV and other devices, users can switch between KVM sources, control room temperature, operate video wall controllers, turn lights on and off remotely or launch a pre-set room configuration with the touch of a button to prepare a room for a presentation.

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Image Caption: Black Box ControlBridge® Multisystem and Room Control

Black Box Quote:

“We look forward to the IBC Showcase 2020 and the opportunity to show how powerful, flexible KVM systems can transform workflows and simplify everyday operations, whether centralized or distributed. As interest in IP workflows, virtualization, and remote work continues to rise, Black Box solutions provide essential functionality, security and reliability. Our engineering and support teams will be available to help businesses in adapting to rapidly changing working conditions and developing their own long-term, strategic technology plans.”
— John Hickey, Senior Director of R&D and KVM Systems, Black Box

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Image Caption: John Hickey, Senior Director of R&D and KVM Systems, Black Box

Company Overview

Black Box has been a world-leading provider of premier IT infrastructure solutions for more than 40 years. Today, the company continues to design and manufacture award-winning pro AV, KVM, cabling and networking products known for their advanced functionality, flawless performance, outstanding reliability and fail-safe security. Black Box solutions are used every day in government, education, commercial enterprises and any other organization that requires the utmost quality and performance from its IT infrastructure.

In addition to creating industry-leading products, Black Box demonstrates every day a complete commitment to providing its customers with the industry's best technical support and service. The award-winning dedicated support staff at Black Box works around the clock to ensure that customers' systems are always up and running optimally. The world-class support and service provided by Black Box is as important to the successful IT, communications and business operations of customers as the powerful products and solutions the company delivers.

Black Box is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Networks Limited. To learn more, visit the Black Box website at Follow the company on Twitter @BlackBox_ns. Black Box® and the Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks of BB Technologies Inc.

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