In the vibrant metropolis of Chicago, NorthPoint Fresh has risen as a significant contender in the temperature-controlled warehousing and final mile distribution services sector. Fueled by a dedication to excellence, ingenuity, and financial efficiency, NorthPoint Fresh has rapidly established itself as a trustworthy ally for diverse supply chain solutions. The company specializes in temperature-controlled services and excels in ensuring food safety.


NorthPoint Fresh encountered numerous challenges in its journey. Initially, the organization grappled with the intricate landscape of IT, lacking the necessary expertise. Its primary strength lies in third-party logistics, making NorthPoint Fresh reliant on external providers for its IT needs.

Complicating matters further, the Chicago campus shared its premises with another entity known as CHR, which operated its own Wi-Fi system. NorthPoint Fresh required an IT solution that harmoniously coexisted with CHR’s network, avoiding any disruptions or interference.


In the ultimate analysis, Black Box’s extensive expertise and comprehensive provision of all essential IT needs empowered NorthPoint Fresh to evolve from a novice in IT to a proficient and technologically adept provider in temperature-controlled warehousing. The seamless implementation of cabling infrastructure, network solutions, and IoT devices not only elevated operational efficiency but also positioned
NorthPoint Fresh as a vanguard of excellence in quality, safety, and HR compliance within the industry.

The decision to engage Black Box acted as the catalyst for NorthPoint Fresh’s optimization of its IT infrastructure, surmounting initial obstacles and further cementing its standing as a purveyor of top-tier, technologically advanced services.


  • NorthPoint Fresh lacked IT expertise..
  • Shared space with CHR’s Wi-Fi posed interference concerns.


  • Black Box provided comprehensive IT infrastructure; implemented cabling, Cisco Meraki switches, and IoT devices.
  • Deployment of Celona pLTE Access Points to establish a secure and reliable private LTE network infrastructure.
  • Integration of Verkada security cameras utilizing the pLTE network for enhanced monitoring and surveillance of the premises.
  • Installed digital signage to display content to assist the NPF Staff with shipping and logistics.
  • Provided five Microsoft team systems for conference rooms.
  • Outfitted their training room with multiple video cameras as well as a whiteboard camera.


  • Enhanced monitoring ensured product loading quality and safety standards.
  • Surveillance system supported HR issue resolution.


  • Black Box’s expertise transformed NorthPoint Fresh into a tech-equipped warehousing provider.
  • Improved operations enhanced quality, safety, and HR compliance.
  • Optimal IT infrastructure facilitated growth in the industry.

"Our experience with the Black Box team has been truly exceptional. NorthPoint Fresh values meeting our customers’ diverse needs, often leading to dynamic project adjustments. Black Box consistently showcased remarkable responsiveness, adapting tirelessly to our evolving requirements through multiple plan iterations, ensuring our final scope met our expectations. Their adaptability and enthusiasm in accommodating our changing needs were key reasons we chose them. Black Box’s innovative solutions aligned seamlessly with our startup’s demands, providing cost-saving PLTE technology that ensured smooth operations across interconnected systems while offering expertise in Audio/Video, Digital Signage, and Security Camera solutions."

Dave Parker, Director of Everything Else and Technology, NPF


For more information about our services or for a quote, please contact us at [email protected], or visit BLACKBOX.COM.

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