KVM Drawer Selector

Choose from multiple options for convenient server control at the rack.

KVM Drawers (also know as Rackmount drawer, LCD consoles or KVM trays) are space saving solutions that provide a user console for full system control directly at the 19" rack. Nothing reduces clutter in a server room like KVM drawers that occupy only 1U of valuable rack space when mounting them into a cabinet or rack. They provide a full size keyboard, a touchpad or a trackball plus a 17" display.

Black Box attributes great importance to high quality and durability of all components for a reliable, long-lasting operation. We offer Console drawers with DisplayPort, DVI and VGA video, USB or PS/2 ports we well as keyboard design in multiple languages. All of our KVM drawers feature an ergonomic design for convenient and safe user access.

Dual Rail

KVM Switching
User access
to computers
Mounting DepthItem #
LCDVGA1280x1024USB or PS/2 *8-Port
(1) local600 -1150 mmKVT517A-8UV
TFT widescreenDVI1920x1200USB *8-Port
(1) local600 -1150 mmKVT517A-8DV-WIDE

Single Rail

KVM Switching
User access
to computers
Mounting DepthItem #
USB or PS/2 *8-Port
(1) local600 -1150 mmKVT417A-8UV-R2
USB or PS/2 *16-Port
(1) local600 -1150 mmKVT417A-16UV-R2
USB or PS/2 *16-Ports CATx
SAMs with PS/2 or USB, Audio option
(1) local +
(4) IP
600 -1150 mmKVT417A-16CATX-4IP

How to select a KVM drawer

  • Choose from a single-rail design moving the whole KVM drawer or dual-rail design where the display can be slid in or out independently from the keyboard/and mouse drawer. You can even leave the monitor visible when the glass or mesh door of the cabinet is closed.
  • Check the depth of your rack and compare the figure with the mounting depth of the KVM drawer. Black Box KVM drawers are equipped with adjustable universal rails that are easy to install and support a large number of racks.
  • Evaluate which interfaces need to be supported for your server connection. Black Box offers models with digital (DisplayPort and DVI) or VGA video along with USB or PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports. Some also feature a front-panel USB port for memory sticks or crash cart access. If you need to control multiple computers, choose a KVM drawer with an integrated KVM switch
  • Consider the video resolution required for your server control. For routine server maintenance most commonly, a resolution of 1280x1024 is sufficient. For process monitoring, security and equal applications, you will need a wide screen or display with native 1920x1200 resolution.

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