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Emerald® 4K KVM Matrix Switching over IP

The award-winning Black Box Emerald KVM-over-IP platform serves as an infinitely scalable universal access system, giving users the flexibility to connect to both physical and virtual machines, along with anywhere, anytime IP access over an existing IP-network, WAN, or even the Internet. Advanced security and a market-leading tiny bandwidth consumption allow new ways to configure user access to local and distributed remote systems.

The newest member of the Emerald family, the DESKVUE receiver, allows users to create a personalized workspace and simultaneously monitor and interact with up to 16 preferred systems — physical, virtual, and cloud-based.

Control and monitor the entire system through Boxilla’s intuitive management dashboard.

Emerald Features & Benefits

Futureproof, scalable Emerald solutions help you build resilient networks with remote access to physical and virtual machines. Using extremely low bandwidth, Emerald delivers secure, pixel-perfect HD and 4K video. True USB emulation means its compatible with your USB devices, and a software-only KVM receiver enables access from your laptop. A Boxilla dashboard provides comprehensive management.

Delivers up to 4K 60 Hz 4-4-4 Video
Futureproof and Scalable KVM

Start with HD and add 4K at your own pace. Scale a small point-to-point extension up to an enterprise KVM matrix of unlimited endpoints by adding additional receivers/transmitters.

Network Resilience
Network Resilience

Emerald 4K and Emerald PE are configurable with redundant network paths via SFP(+) ports (fiber or copper) for fail-safe operation. Supports complete switchover to a backup control room.

Remote Access to Virtual Machines
Remote Access to Virtual Machines

Enable multiple users to access any number of physical and virtual servers and desktops. Support for VMware® and Microsoft®, using PCoIP Ultra, PCoIP, RDP 8.1, and RemoteFX.

Extremely Low Bandwidth Usage
Extremely Low Bandwidth Usage

Emerald enables remote connections using existing IP infrastructure and reduces cost by using less bandwidth.

Highly Secure
Highly Secure

Active Directory and LDAPs enable secure access. Extensive penetration testing is part of development. Boxilla® logs all events, provides immediate email alerts, and integrates with secure syslog.

Pixel-perfect 4K and HD Video

Extend and switch HD and 4K video. Adjust compression in five steps up to pixel-perfect image transmission — every pixel visualized at 60 fps with 10-bit color depth.

True USB Emulation
True USB Emulation

True USB emulation, supporting USB HID devices, X-Keys, USB push buttons, Wacom® tablets, USB mass storage, and other high-speed USB 2.0 devices.

KVM Software Receiver
KVM Software Receiver

Use the Emerald Remote App to turn any Windows® 10 device into a software KVM receiver. Connect to multiple transmitters and virtual machines simultaneously and from everywhere.

Comprehensive Management
Comprehensive Management

Manage and control your KVM system through the Boxilla KVM Manager. Its intuitive command center dashboard gives you the network monitoring tool you need to manage your KVM configuration.


The Emerald Unified KVM product family consists of several components that work together to deliver pixel-perfect remote access to servers from user workstations located anywhere on the planet. In these videos, learn how Emerald KVM over IP works, virtually visit our R&D facility to see where Emerald was born, discover a novel approach to the KVM user workspace with DESKVUE, and/or turn your laptop into a software-only KVM receiver with Remote App. Learn how to manage everything with Boxilla, APIs, and Lawo VSM.

Solution Diagrams

Emerald supports a variety of applications, including IP-based matrix switching, multi-site deployments, resilient and redundant backup systems, virtual machine connectivity, access via Remote App (a software-only receiver), and connecting 16 sources in a 4K/5K quad-view format. Take a look at these common application diagrams and start planning your Emerald solution today.

Emerald Family Diagram

Network Application

Application diagram: Emerald IP-based KVM matrix switching application.


DESKVUE Remote Workspace

Emerald IP-based KVM matrix switching application including DESKVUE and Emerald®AV WALL.


Multiple Site Application

Application diagram: Emerald KVM matrix connecting a control room and a backup site.


Resilient KVM Networks

Application diagram: Emerald KVM transmitters and receivers providing redundant network paths in case of failure.

Virtual Machine Connectivity

Virtual Machine Connectivity

Application diagram: Remote, high-speed access to virtual machines, supporting Vmware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®.


Emerald Remote App

Application diagram: Emerald Remote App installed on a laptop connected to Emerald Transmitters and a virtual machine via Boxilla.


Emerald Product Comparison

FeatureEmerald 4KEmerald DESKVUEEmerald PEEmerald SEEmerald ZeroU TXEmerald Remote App
Max Video Resolution4096 x 2160 at 60Hz (DisplayPort 1.2)5120 x 1440 at 60 Hz (DP 1.2/HDMI 2.0) Quad Monitor1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz (DVI [TX and RX], DisplayPort [TX only]) SE/PE: Single or Dual Monitor1920 x 1200 at 60Hz
Video QualityPixel perfectVisually losslessHigh quality ~35fps
Dual Network PortsYes, (2) SFP+Yes, (2) CATxYes, (1) SFP, (1) CATxNo, (1) CATx-
Peripheral SupportAll USB 2.0 devicesUSB 3.2, USB 2.0All USB 2.0 devicesUSB HID only
VM SupportPCoIP, RDP/RemoteFX *Supports PCoIP with EMD3000GE.PCoIP, RDP/RemoteFX *Supports PCoIP with EMD3000GE.RDP/RemoteFXRDP/RemoteFX-RDP/RemoteFX
Bidirectional Analog Stereo Audio(Speaker only)(Speaker only)
System ScalabilityPoint-to-point extension up to unlimited KVM matrix

Emerald Remote App for Microsoft Windows® 10/11

The Emerald Remote App is a new KVM software receiver that enables remote computer access to both physical and virtual machines from any Windows 10 device. The Remote App increases mobility, device access and monitoring on your Emerald System and delivers a full HD video desktop experience up to 40 fps from multiple connections that can be launched simultaneously. This facilitates device management and access to your Emerald KVM network from anywhere you want.

  • Supports HD video up to 1920 x 1200 and provides access to both physical and virtual machines over an IP network or WAN connections
  • Open connections to multiple devices simultaneously
  • License-based access authenticated by the Boxilla KVM Network Manager in real time, ensuring the Emerald administrator has full control (view license options)

(1) Boxilla KVM Manager is required for demo purposes

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