Company Countywide Emergency Call Center


A countywide emergency 9-1-1 call center was staffed by a single person at a time to handle various types of emergency calls, including police, fire, and accidents. The center was responsible for sorting calls, sending out the appropriate response team, and communicating with the response team about the situation as well as any obstacles that would impede them from reaching the caller (such as traffic jams or weather-related problems). Information had to be front-and-center and easy to track.


By connecting computers in sets of four monitors, and then connecting the Freedom, Black Box techs demonstrated how managing a large amount of incoming information could be as simple as using a keyboard/mouse to access servers and monitors. With the Freedom in place, the call center staff member can quickly track incoming calls, see what resources are available from the emergency departments (ambulance, fire trucks, EMS, police), and make the necessary response.

Other computers can be used to transcribe phone calls, and then communicate the conditions of the emergency to responding personnel. With another monitor set up to receive information about traffic and weather conditions, all the vital information is at the fingertips of a single person. Additionally, the Freedom reduces clutter and lowers costs by using fewer keyboards and mice per reviewer.

Switching between computers with the Freedom glide and switch technology is as easy as moving your mouse cursor from one screen to the other.

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