A major broadcasting company is currently building a new large broadcast campus and has already installed the award-winning KVM-over-IP platform including eight Emerald DESKVUE receivers in their new control rooms, with more to come as additional buildings are completed. The new campus redefines the live studios and control rooms, and the broadcasting company wanted to install the most advanced modern technology.

In their previous setup, operators had multiple monitors on their desktops. It was distracting and ineffective for operators to interact with 3 or 4 monitors at one time, and it was difficult for them to know where to look on the screens to quickly see the critical information they needed at any given moment.

The company needed to monitor multiple systems with 5K curved screens. Operators must react instantly to mitigate critical situations. The broadcaster required 3G connectivity and active directory (AD) integration for large OU groups, and remote applications. Security, virtualization, and API compatibility were also important stipulations for the broadcasting company, as well as USB redirection.


The broadcaster wanted to move away from multiple monitor setups and replace 3 or 4 monitors per desk with a single ultra-wide curved 5K monitor. Because Emerald® DESKVUE can show a wide selection of sources on the large monitor in any layout and very easily using drag-and-drop, operators can always place their focus work in the center and position other systems on the sides to meet their monitoring priorities and requirements.

Black Box recommended Emerald DESKVUE units, connecting each 5K monitor console. Operators can simultaneously access and interact with 16 systems from one secure workstation with everything within eyesight.

USB redirection forwards the target machine’s function to DESKVUE so operators can use USB audio along with other USB functions. With API integration, through the Boxilla® KVM manager, an external media controller streamlines content and playout management. Plus, AD integration supports 250 OU groups. To address the security concern, the Emerald solution guards against unauthorized access with strong encryption (TLS 1.2), user authentication (LDAP), and active directory (AD, provided by Boxilla).

The DESKVUE solution also supports access to physical and virtual machines with PCoIP support, meeting the broadcaster’s requirement for virtualization.


The Emerald solution with the DESKVUE receivers resolves each and every one of the broadcaster’s requests: operators can view multiple sources on one 5K monitor located in the center of their workspaces and switch between systems instantly for greatly improved reaction time. USB redirection forwards the target machine function to DESKVUE so operators can use USB audio and other USB functions. AD integration supports 250 OU groups, and with Boxilla operators can launch a connection through an external media controller. The DESKVUE solution delivers security, virtualization, and API features.

The broadcasting company received very positive feedback from their staff. Operators are pleased with the improved view using a single curved monitor and the fast, intuitive system switching when needed.

DESKVUE impresses with accurate mouse cursor movements, video quality, and audio integration to multiple sources. Operators can use hotkeys to switch workspaces, mute the sources, and unmute the audio from the sources.

The broadcasting company valued the support and service they received from Black Box engineers, account managers, and solutions experts as well as their close collaboration with the system integrator.

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