Digital Signage Solutions: 5 Benefits for Your Business
Digital signage solutions can help your business deliver precise messaging at the right time for maximum results. Whether you need a small or enterprise-level deployment, digital signage solutions make it easy to assemble, distribute and manage content locally or globally. Here are five reasons why digital signage, such as iCompel® from Black Box, is right for your business.

1. Ease of use

Digital signage can provide an all-in-one solution to create, manage and display content in one box. Players can be managed from a single intuitive web interface and remotely configured, with automated backups and a centralized mechanism for network-wide software updates. Digital signage solutions are also easily scalable as your needs change.

2. Global distribution

Whether you have a handful of screens or several thousand, the content management system (CMS) for your digital signage makes it easy to distribute messaging throughout your building or around the world. iCompel’s Content Commander CMS can deliver media-rich content to tens of thousands of players on an advanced schedule.

3. Versatility

Some digital signage solutions are more versatile than others. Content Commander CMS, for example, is player agnostic, so you can manage a mixed network of players and system on chip (SoC) screens from several manufacturers. The system on chip solution reduces overall cost of ownership by eliminating the need for physical digital signage players. Instead, you can install iCompel software directly onto Samsung Tizen or LG WebOS 3.0 displays.

4. Targeted content

From a central web interface, you can easily build sophisticated playlists for your digital signage solutions using drag and drop functionality to tailor messaging based on user needs—from education to safety messages, digital wayfinding signage and more. Supported formats in up to 4K UHD include live TV, video feeds, RSS, HTML and Flash content all on one screen.

5. Cost savings and ROI

Digital signage solutions are often a cost-effective alternative to printing posters, flyers and other paper-based signage that need regular updating. Certain applications can also drive revenues for businesses. Retail digital signage, for example, can be used to upsell customers, raise awareness of new products and promotions, or direct traffic to particular products.

iCompel is a robust, scalable digital signage solution that can be used for applications such as airport advertising, outdoor digital signage, digital menu boards, digital wayfinding signage, retail digital signage, workplace safety, emergency notifications and more.

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