How to Know if Your Project Requires LP Cable

You might have heard about LP cable in light of recent changes to the National Electric Code. Find out what makes this cable different and whether or not you need to use it for your next project.

What is LP cable?

LP, or limited power, cable is certified by Underwriters Laboratories to carry the indicated current without exceeding the cable’s temperature rating. To achieve this ability, LP cabling is manufactured with insulating and jacketing material that can tolerate higher temperatures than traditional cable. The certification process considers high ambient temperature, large bundle size, and other environmental influences—such as conduits or enclosed spaces where heat cannot easily escape.

Why is it important?

Today’s Power-over-Ethernet powered devices such as VoIP phones, IP cameras, wireless access points, Remote Point of Sale (POS) kiosks and physical security devices and controllers, draw more power to provide additional features to end users. 
As more current runs through the cables, especially bundled cables, the temperature can increase beyond the cables’ rated temperatures. Excessive heat can reduce performance and reliability of your network and pose safety hazards. LP cables are a solution to these issues. They ensure your installation is ready for the increased power levels, and they protect you from heat-related safety risks.

When should you use LP cable?

LP cable is recommended if the equipment that supplies your power has the capability to exceed 60W. While most of today’s power-over-Ethernet technology does not exceed 60W, you might consider installing LP cable in anticipation of future devices with higher power demands.

If your network uses PoE Type 4 power-supplying equipment, LP cable is recommended for safety and reliability. Additionally, because LP cables are not subject to bundle size restrictions in the National Electric Code, they can simplify your installation and inspection process.

LP cable from Black Box

Black Box offers CAT6 and CAT6A shielded LP-certified cable to ensure your PoE runs are ready for power levels today and in the future. Engage a Black Box cabling specialist at 877-877-2269 to determine if LP cables are the right choice for your upcoming project.

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