The Transformative Power of RTLS
A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) can transform healthcare by driving positive outcomes across the enterprise, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. Not only can it help you streamline management processes, optimize workflow efficiencies, and maximize resources, it can also enhance the patient journey, improve patient care, boost safety, and increase clinician, patient, staff, and visitor satisfaction.  RTLS technologies can be as simple as location detection to complex clinical-grade zone-, room-, bed-, or chair-level technologies.  You want a solution that’s accurate, reliable, future proof, scalable, and one that can be integrated with other platforms. Depending on your application(s), we can help you find the right solution for everything from asset management to patient safety.

Asset Management
Enables healthcare facilities to easily track, manage, and protect expensive medical devices and equipment to maximize resource utilization, reduce loss and theft, and eliminate over purchasing and hoarding.

Nurse Call Automation
Enhance communications capabilities for staff and ensure faster response times for patients.

Environmental Monitoring
Monitor temperature, differential air pressure, and humidity and automatically receive alerts when out of range.

Staff Duress and Locating Safety
Increase safety in emergencies by instantly locating the staff member under duress.

Wander Management
Enable patients and residents to reach safe and protected communal spaces while preventing access to restricted areas.

Patient Tracking and Safety
Real-time tracking can enable alerts if a patient falls out of bed, leaves the room, or enters restricted areas. Can also impact infection control.

Patient Rounding
Staff regularly ask patients about their needs to increase patient care, satisfaction, and experience. Platform reminds nurses when rounding is due, or overdue, in each patient room.

Infection Control
Track interactions between patients, staff, and equipment to contain infectious outbreak.

Hand Hygiene Compliance
Help healthcare facilities better manage infection risk and report compliance.

Wait Time Management
Reduce patient wait times and increase face-to-face patient/clinician interaction time.

Infant Protection
Ensure infants are protected and are always matched with Mom.

RTLS System Optimization Managed Services 

Battery Monitoring and Replacement
Tag Placement, Registration, ✓
GMS Monitoring
Warranty Management
System Health: Assessment and Tuning
Budget Forecasting and Advising
Replace Infrastructure and Database Maintenance 
RTLS Project Management 
Team Resource Onboarding, Training, and Planning 
Change Management and Education 
Present and Future Workflow Modeling 
Quarterly Business Reviews (Q&A, Data Analytics, Custom Dashboards) 
NIST Certification Compliance and Budgeting  
Equipment Management Integration and Distribution 
Operationalize RTLS Program 

Why Black Box?

Black Box Driven by each client’s unique needs, Black Box creates and maintains the optimal IT ecosystem in which clinicians,  physicians, patients, and guests thrive. We work with hundreds of hospitals nationwide, including four of the six largest hospitals in the U.S. Backed by decades of healthcare IT experience, Black Box delivers the mobility, hardware, software, and infrastructure  solutions that create the foundation for true healthcare interoperability.

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