This white paper examines SFP and QSFP solutions for high-speed networking in data centers, focusing on their suitability for various applications based on factors like distance, power consumption, and latency. It provides insights into selecting the right interconnectivity options for scaling data centers to meet evolving bandwidth demands. Key learnings:

  • Direct Attach Copper Cables (DAC) are ideal for short-distance, high-speed connections due to low latency and minimal power consumption.

  • Active Optical Cables (AOC) are better for longer distances up to 100 meters, offering flexibility and resistance to electrical interference.

  • Optical transceivers are suitable for the longest distances (up to 10 kilometers) and modular setups, despite higher costs and power consumption.

  • The choice between DAC, AOC, and optical transceivers depends on specific network requirements, including distance, power efficiency, latency, and maintenance considerations.

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