This white paper addresses the growing problem of counterfeit and non-compliant cables in the industry. It highlights the risks, including security risks, poor network performance and legal liabilities, and provides guidance on how to identify counterfeit cables through price, UL numbers, ETL logos and physical characteristics. Key findings:

  • Prevalence and risks: Counterfeit cables, which make up around 20% of the market, pose serious fire safety problems, risks to network performance and legal liabilities.

  • Identification methods: Techniques for identifying counterfeit cables include evaluating the price, checking UL numbers and ETL logos, examining the cable's printing and evaluating physical attributes such as color and jacket construction.

  • Legal and safety implications: The use of counterfeit cables can lead to building code violations, civil liabilities, monetary damages and criminal charges due to non-compliance with safety standards.

  • Black Box guarantee: Black Box ensures quality and compliance through independent testing, including ETL verification and burn-in/smoke tests, guaranteeing genuine and safe cable products.

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