This white paper explores the benefits and challenges of using physical and virtual servers in IT environments. It discusses the pros and cons of both server types, highlighting cost savings and flexibility in virtualization while acknowledging challenges like resource contention. The paper suggests that KVM-over-IP technology can bridge the gap between physical and virtual servers, providing seamless connectivity and scalability for control rooms. It emphasizes the importance of future-proofing IT infrastructure and leveraging KVM technology to enhance efficiency and resilience.

Key Points from the White Paper:

  • Pros and cons of physical and virtual servers are discussed, focusing on cost savings, flexibility, and management challenges

  • KVM-over-IP technology is introduced as a solution to seamlessly connect physical and virtual servers, offering flexibility and scalability

  • The "Cap and Grow" approach is suggested for expanding existing KVM systems to connect to virtual machines

  • KVM technology facilitates a smooth transition to virtualization while improving workflow and resilience

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