This white paper discusses the security aspects of the Emerald family of products, highlighting multiple layers of control, user access management, and system redundancy. It emphasizes system hardening, firmware updates, and potential integration with NIAP4-certified KVM switches to ensure secure access to servers, virtual machines, and endpoints.

Key Points from the White Paper:

  • KVM over IP Security Layers: The white paper explores how the Emerald family ensures secure access through various layers of control, including KVM domains, encrypted communications, user authentication, access rights, zones, and security alerts.

  • Redundancy for Reliability: It highlights Emerald's ability to create fully redundant systems with features like redundant power and managers, ensuring continuous operation even if components go offline.

  • User Access Control: Emerald offers flexible user access control, allowing dedicated or shared access modes, control over audio and USB peripherals, and different access rights based on physical receiver zones.

  • System Hardening and Firmware Updates: The paper emphasizes the importance of system hardening and firmware updates to guard against cybersecurity threats and maintain security over time. Additionally, it mentions the potential combination of Emerald with NIAP4-certified KVM switches for enhanced security.

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