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SFP and QSFP Cables (DACs)

DACs, the High-Speed Connections between Networks

When it comes to connecting networking equipment in high-density, high-bandwidth applications, SFP cables and QSFP cables – also called Direct Attach Cables (DACs) – that operate over passive copper are the most cost-effective interconnects available.

Limited in length due to their copper construction, they are perfect for intra-rack connections of switches, routers, servers, and other high-performance networking equipment.

In comparison to Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and modular mini GBIC SFP or QSFP transceiver solutions, you cannot beat the value of a high-performance, low-cost copper solution that consumes practically zero power.


DAC Features


Premium Performance, Affordable Price

  • Error-free data transmission for high-speed networking equipment
  • All-in-one cable design makes installation a breeze.
  • Lowest-cost high-speed SFP/QSFP interconnect available


Standard Compliance

  • Meets Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) industry standard
  • SFF-8431 (SFP+), SFF-8436 (QSFP+)
  • Compliant to CE and FCC


Power-Efficient Design

  • Consumes nearly zero power (QSFP+ cables consume 0.003 watts)
  • Lowest power consumption of all high-speed interconnect solutions
  • Power savings result in cost savings


EMI/RFI Protection and Fire-Safe Jacketing

  • Fully shielded for protection against EMI/RFI interference
  • CL2-rated PVC jacket meets low-voltage fire-protection regulations

DAC Benefits

Premium Connectivity
SFP and QSFP cables provide error-free ultra-high-bandwidth performance for data, storage, high-performance computing (HPC), and more.

Highly Affordable
The lowest-cost SFP and QSFP high-speed network connectivity solutions available. You won’t find a better value than DACs.

Convenient, All-in-One Cable Design
No more time consuming, expensive cleaning of fiber optic connectors to ensure optimal performance, just plug and play.

Reliable Performance
Once connected, the data keeps flowing. Additionally, a fully shielded design protects against EMI/RFI, so you never have to worry about signal disrupting interference.

Low Latency
DACs feature an all-in-one copper cable design with no opto-electronic conversion in its path and have none of the additional points of connection of a modular solution to ensure all signals arrive at the same time.

DAC Application Diagram

Industry Applications

Data Centers

Use DACs as the lowest-cost interconnect solution for 10G and 40G applications



Edge Networking: Use cost-efficient, easy-to-install DACs for connections with Cisco SFP/QSFP devices inside a rack



Save costs on energy bills and cable maintenance, using DACs for your 10G or 40G network interconnectivity


Military & Defense

As an ultra-light, easy to install all-in-one cable solution, DACs become the preferred choice for connections between 10G or 40G network devices



DACs offer an unbeatable cost/performance ratio for your storage connections. Compatible with Black Box AV over IP system, they ensure perfect medical imagery transmissions, too

SFP and QSFP Highspeed Interconnect Portfolio

SFP/QSFP Active Optical Cables

Cisco®-compatible Active Optical Cables support ultra-high speeds, consume little power and feature a thin design, making them perfect for high-density, high-bandwidth Ethernet networking applications.

Cisco-compatible Direct Attach Cables support ultra-high speeds, consume practically no power and rarely experience latency delays, making them ideal for point-to-point, intra-rack connections.

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