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Solutions for Oil & Gas


Industrial Networking Solutions

As the oil and gas industry continues to grow, more and more well sites, pumping stations, pipelines, processing plants, and refineries are being built. Along the entire route, safe, reliable networking and industrial automation are critical to smooth operations, efficiency, and productivity.

Because safety is a top priority, networks are mission critical. Outages, downtime, and failures can threaten human lives and severely damage oil and gas facilities. Black Box has the ability to help you design, implement, and maintain Ethernet networks and monitoring systems to ensure maximum uptime at every stage of production from the field to the refinery.

We can help you:

  • Integrate new technologies with existing SCADA systems.
  • Maintain interconnected networks.
  • Better utilize existing equipment.
  • Gain a better return on your communications investment.
  • Our goal is your goal. Better, safer, more reliable communications, particularly in rugged, harsh environments.

Class 1, Division 2 Networking and Communications Solutions

We offer hardened Class 1, Division 2 networking and communications solutions for harsh oil and gas environments from redundant 10-GbE networks and wireless field communications to PoE deployments and industrial monitoring.

Black Box KVM systems are designed for:

  • Mission-critical environments
  • Uninterrupted 24/7 operations
  • Support redundancy for improved reliability

Depending on your application, Black Box engineers can design and help you quickly integrate video solutions into existing systems or create a new system.

Applications/Technology Solutions


Redundant Ethernet Networks

To provide the high availability, high redundancy, and high-performance required for Ethernet networks in the oil and gas industry, redundant network switches are required.


SCADA and Data Monitoring Systems

Black Box offers a number of solutions for integrating traditional SCADA systems with newer technologies in order to get the best ROI and make the most of existing investments.


Networking for Remote/Temporary Sites

Black Box offers a number of solutions for remote and temporary networks. These include wireless network extenders and the IT infrastructure to protect equipment in harsh environments.


KVM Control Room

From the well-heads to the remote control room, high-performance HD KVM matrix switching can help operators monitor well-head operations and multiple sites simultaneously.



Wireless extenders and PoE solutions provide a reliable method for connecting security and surveillance cameras and equipment at temporary and remote sites.

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