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The Perfect Pair: Healthcare of the Future and OnGo Connectivity

Oct 21, 2021, 23.31 PM by Black Box
The hype about OnGo wireless connectivity is true. Find out how it will make a difference in the modern healthcare by test driving it in your facility

Take the first leap into tomorrow with Black Box's OnGo Test Drive.

First things first... what is all the hype about?

OnGo sits at the leading edge of wireless connectivity. Its magic isn’t magic at all. Rather, the notable aspect of OnGo is the way the technology merges the reliability and quality of LTE signal with the low expense and ease-of-use associated with Wi-Fi. Of its many applications, users are quick to remark about the usefulness of the format particularly with regards to secure data transfer and file sharing. Other important features include dramatically increased capability, productivity, and significantly lowered operating costs. Users aren’t the only ones to benefit from OnGo, however. Those touched by the format - such as clients, customers and visitors – often relay positive interactions with OnGo equipped networks. By way of interference-free broadband, entertainment is consistently available and day-to-day connections with work, family, and friends are seamless and transparent.

A good question to ask: How connected and secure is your critical healthcare environment?

In the modern world, digital connectivity and data security are great concerns. This is particularly true in healthcare. In a short period of time, the average amount of wireless devices per person will reach thirteen - cellphones, laptops, and wearables are coming into facilities with their owners. Their use is taxing network infrastructures and will continue to do so at an alarming rate. To complicate matters, these devices are competing directly with facility devices such as infusion pumps, carts, and scanners for bandwidth and access. On the security front, personal devices cannot promise much integrity and may pose grave danger to network functionality if allowed to intermingle with critical systems and devices. OnGo alleviates many security concerns simply because it is dedicated to airtight access. Reliable and secure network operations are ideal taskings for OnGo.

What sort of difference will OnGo make in the modern healthcare facility?

In short, OnGo addresses most concerns of facility-based wireless connectivity in an increasingly wireless world. While we all appreciate, the ease of communications Wi-Fi brought to the table, OnGo stands head and shoulders above. Compared to Wi-Fi, OnGo provides superior coverage with lower latency and improved mobility. In addition to that, OnGo provides greater operational security and significantly higher Quality of Service.

Of note, OnGo allows system administrators to move critical network elements such as data storage and collaborative applications from Wi-Fi while maintaining – and improving – communications between devices, processes, monitoring and collaboration capabilities. Perhaps most importantly, OnGo provides state-of-the-art security by implementing private LTE via a dedicated, secure, and leading-edge high-quality network. Sensitive data stays in-house by way of SIM-based authentication.

Establish your own OnGo private LTE network and experience the latest wireless technology advances in healthcare with Black Box’s Test Drive.

As a leading technology solution provider in the healthcare sector, Black Box is offering healthcare facilities the opportunity to experience OnGo for yourselves through our exciting OnGo Test Drive demo program. We’re certain you’ll be surprised by OnGo’s ease-of-use and flexibility.

Our Test Drive program facilitators work directly with you to gain deep insights into your existing network and to formulate solutions to meet your existing – and future – needs. See how other healthcare facilities are leveraging OnGo technology and learn about the OnGo user experience.

Establish a relationship with your own personal Black Box program facilitator.

Our experts bring human-centric technology solutions to assist you in a seamless adaptation toward today’s dynamic healthcare environment and into the future. We analyze your patient and customer care requirements and suggest how technology can help meet those goals. We’re committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals. By continually investing in R&D, world-class infrastructure, and bringing the best talent from across the world, we co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with our customers.

Contact us at 855-324-9909 or [email protected] and we will help identify and address your needs. Our experts will help evaluate your current system and show you the ways OnGo will improve it.

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