Black Box at Automation Expo 2023: Industry-Leading Control Room and IoT Solutions for Manufacturing, Utilities, and Automated Processes

Welcome to the future of automation at Automation Expo 2023, where Black Box showcases its latest innovations to redefine the way you control processes, distribute audio-video content, and harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

See how Black Box’s cutting-edge solutions ensure flexible, scalable, and secure workflows with industry-leading low IP bandwidth usage. Experience DESKVUE, a new addition to our acclaimed Emerald KVM-over-IP system that enables users to interact with 16 physical or virtual systems simultaneously.

Learn how our latest technologies integrate predictive maintenance with easy, flexible automation and workspace synchronization. Explore our innovative cutting-edge products for Control Rooms, including Emerald® KVM over IP solutions, AV over IP solutions like MCX and MediaCento; and IoT innovations with EzzySENSE Bluetooth Gateway and sensors, at Automation Expo 2023. Join us for LIVE demos at Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon East, Mumbai at Hall 2, Booth P27 from August 23-26.

Our product management and global solution experts will be available at the booth. Let’s discuss how Black Box can help you address your manufacturing, utility, and process control challenges.


Black Box Showcase at
Automation Expo 2023

Emerald KVM-Over-IP Platform

The Black Box Emerald® KVM-over-IP platform is an infinitely scalable universal access system, allowing users to connect to physical and virtual machines, anywhere, anytime IP access over an existing IP network, WAN, or even the Internet. Advanced security and a market-leading tiny bandwidth consumption allow new ways to configure the studio infrastructure with maximum expandability incorporating remote users, remote processes, and distributed control rooms. Interoperability between 4K and HD video and one-touch control room setups, combined with a high degree of automation through Emerald's APIs, gives users valuable flexibility and ease of use. Emerald manages signals and format types to deliver content with an innovative look and feel, preserving the existing IT equipment while controlling and monitoring it all through Boxillas’ intuitive and appealing KVM management dashboard. Check out the new small form-factor DisplayPort units that offer the same number of connections as the Emerald Remote App does now, providing access to nine concurrent Emerald connections from a Windows®  10/11 laptop.


Emerald® 4K, PE, and SE Extenders

Emerald Extenders link remote virtual and physical servers to users next door, across a campus, or anywhere in the world. Choose from multiple transmitter and receiver units, designed for different requirements. A Transmitter installs at the server side: A Receiver installs at the user endpoint. Select from DisplayPort or DVI video, interfaces, and models that support HD or 4K resolutions. Emerald PE and 4K deliver pixel-perfect video and Emerald SE provides visually lossless video.


Boxilla® KVM Manager

The Black Box Boxilla enterprise-level KVM manager makes it easy for users to control and monitor an unlimited number of Emerald devices and software solutions. With its intuitive and visually appealing dashboard, Boxilla offers a simple yet complete solution for monitoring system performance; configuring proactive security alerts; checking on real-time device status; and identifying active devices, connections, and users, as well as their current bandwidth usage. With these capabilities and the system’s ease of use, administrators can proactively identify and resolve issues before they compromise performance and the user experience.



Emerald DESKVUE, a new small form-factor receiver as part of the Emerald ecosystem, provides users with a completely new concept for creating their own tailored individual workspace. DESKVUE allows users to access up to 16 different physical or virtual systems simultaneously, replacing multiple receivers and thus reducing system complexity and costs. All systems are displayed as individual windows on up to four 4K monitors (with a maximum of one 5K )monitor. Users can arrange these windows in any way, similar to a video wall, but at their workspaces. Switching the systems happens automatically in the background as the users perform their tasks, removing any requirement for manual switching commands or even noticing the system change.


MCX AV over IP Distribution, Extension, and Control

MCX AV over IP distributes video and audio over IP for modern network infrastructures. MCX converges AV and data networks, using existing 10 Gbps and beyond infrastructure. The only platform that can truly replace the matrix switch, MCX offers seamless switching. System deployment is flexible; use it for digital signage, video walls, and multiview. Users get incomparable video performance: up to 4K 60 Hz, 4:4:4 10-bit HDR color depth. Fiber and copper versions are available. MCX G2 includes HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort encoding and decoding, and 3-port USB with USB-C connectivity.

In manufacturing, utilities, and process control environments, MCX AV over IP offers a host of benefits that improve productivity and operational efficiency. The system's multicast support and seamless source switching enable quick and smooth transitions between various audio video content, vital for real-time decision-making and process optimization. As a cost-effective alternative to dedicated cabling, MCX AV over IP simplifies installations and reduces infrastructure costs, making it an attractive choice for organizations in these industries. Its web-based management interface allows remote configuration and monitoring, enabling administrators to efficiently manage audio video content distribution across multiple sites.


MediaCento AVoIP Distribution

With MediaCento, users can send HDMI or 4K video over Ethernet to unlimited screens. Add the MediaCento Controller, and the system becomes an IP-based matrix switch and video wall processor. MediaCento works on 1-Gbps networks, is easy to integrate and setup is plug-and-play. MediaCento extends HD or 4K digital video/audio, with lossless compression and low latency.

MediaCento AV over IP offers high-quality video compression, low latency, seamless switching, multicast support, secure transmission, web-based management, VLAN support, and scalability. With its ability to deliver crystal-clear audio and high-definition video, along with user-friendly management software, MediaCento simplifies AV distribution and provides a versatile platform for manufacturing, utilities, and automated processes.



EzzySENSE is a cutting-edge IoT environmental monitoring solution that offers comprehensive monitoring and alerting capabilities, enabling businesses to proactively manage critical environmental conditions and ensure the optimal performance of their equipment. EzzySENSE uses a network of intelligent sensors that continuously measure environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, airflow, and presence of water. The collected data is then transmitted to a centralized management platform, where administrators can access real-time information, historical trends, and generate insightful reports.

EzzySENSE is ideal for manufacturing, utilities, and process control applications. By providing a holistic view of environmental conditions, it aids in complying with industry regulations, mitigating risks, and optimizing energy consumption. Its scalability allows seamless integration into both small and large-scale infrastructures, and with its cloud-based deployment option, users can access monitoring data from anywhere, facilitating remote management.


Where: Black Box Hall 2 Booth P27


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