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Black Box high-performance KVM-over-IP solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of modern control rooms, media- or post-production facilities, and broadcast playout environments, giving users exceptional flexibility and the ability to react quickly to a wide variety of situations with ease. With robust functionality, proven reliability, versatile deployment options, and the backing of world-class consulting and tech support, these Black Box KVM-over-IP solutions lower users' cost of ownership, enable greater workflow optimization, and contribute to more agile IP-based operations, putting the content and people in the forefront without compromise.


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Black Box Showcase at NAB 2022

Black Box Emerald® KVM-Over-IP Platform

The Black Box Emerald® KVM-over-IP platform serves as an infinitely scalable universal access system, giving users the flexibility to connect to both physical and virtual machines, along with anywhere, anytime IP access over an existing IP-network or WAN. Advanced security and a market-leading low bandwidth consumption allow new ways to configure the studio infrastructure with maximum expandability incorporating remote users, remote productions, and distributed control rooms. Interoperability between 4K and HD video, and one-touch control room setups, combined with a high degree of automation through Emerald's APIs, gives users valuable flexibility and ease of use. Emerald manages signals and format types to deliver content with an innovative look and feel, while preserving the existing IT equipment.


Introducing Black Box Emerald® GE PCoIP® Ultra Gateway

The Black Box Emerald® GE is the industry's first and only solution to leverage cutting-edge PCoIP® Ultra technology to enable multiple users to connect simultaneously and control a virtual machine just as they would a physical system. With extremely low bandwidth requirements, the system supports remote access through both local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs).

Pairing seamlessly with the Emerald KVM-over-IP platform, Emerald GE supports VM sharing while ensuring a secure, high-definition, and highly responsive computing experience. Unlocking collaboration across physical and VMs, Emerald GE empowers broadcasters to work together more efficiently in remote production scenarios.


Introducing Black Box Emerald® VUE 4K Multiviewer

The Emerald® VUE 4K Multiviewer unites KVM switching with quad multiviewing to enable simultaneous monitoring of four DisplayPort video sources across two screens at exceptional 4K60 image quality. The system is ideal for production environments where space is limited, as it allows users to arrange windows freely on the screen or in preconfigured screen layouts such as full-screen, quad-view, or picture-in-picture (PiP). Real-time switching between sources via keyboard, API, or GPIO — or with the Black Box Glide & Switch capability — gives producers, engineers, and editors convenient control over the production process.


Black Box Boxilla® KVM Manager

The Black Box Boxilla® enterprise-level KVM manager makes it easy for users to control and monitor an unlimited number of Emerald devices and software solutions. With its intuitive and visually appealing dashboard, Boxilla offers a simple yet complete solution for monitoring system performance; configuring proactive security alerts; checking on real-time device status; and identifying active devices, connections, and users, as well as their current bandwidth usage. With these capabilities and the system's ease of use, administrators can proactively identify and resolve issues before they compromise performance and the user experience.


Black Box Quote

"With more than 40 years in the business, robust R&D operations, and an extensive portfolio of interoperable, state-of-the-art KVM systems, Black Box has a solution for any challenge. The industry's migration to IP workflows, virtualization, and remote work continues, and the 2022 NAB Show offers a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest additions to the Emerald KVM line and to demonstrate how the entire product family can help media organizations realize greater flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in mission-critical workflows."

John Hickey, Senior Director of R&D and KVM Systems at Black Box