3 Benefits of Emerald®AV WALL, the Latest DESKVUE Feature

Enhanced User Experiences
The award-winning Emerald®AV WALL, a new feature of DESKVUE (which also has won awards), enhances user experience through seamless integration and intuitive control of a 2x2 video wall linked to your DESKVUE setup. This feature stands out for its ability to provide a comprehensive view of multiple AV streams, making it a vital tool for various industries, including broadcasting, healthcare, and IT management.

Better Collaboration
The Emerald®AV WALL feature promotes an environment of enhanced collaboration. By allowing teams to share and interact with AV content in real-time on a 2x2 video wall, it breaks down the barriers of traditional communication. As a result, remote teams experience a more connected and interactive way of working together.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
The Emerald®AV WALL feature significantly boosts efficiency. The ability to manage and control multiple sources on a 2x2 video wall saves time and minimizes the potential for errors, leading to a more productive workflow.

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