Improve Security and Reliability for Your Retail Point-of-Sale Networks

Retailers who need reach, speed, security and network availability often choose multimode fiber as the basis for a robust point-of-sale network. To avoid down time, enhance security and save money, Black Box has a range of fiber network solutions to help.

Improve reach

Retail environments can be complex, with front counters, point-of-sale terminals throughout a location and devices spread across various floors and departments. Because copper CATx cabling has a distance limitation of 100 meters, multiple network closets are necessary to reach all areas of the store. Fiber solves the distance issue because it has a reach of several kilometers. Increased reach allows all networking hardware equipment to be centrally located, cutting costs in infrastructure as well as heating and cooling.

Enhance security

Data breaches can severely damage your reputation and result in costly remediation. Fiber technology is a good choice for retail settings because it is inherently more secure than copper cabling. With fiber there are no RFI/EMI emissions, thus eliminating the possibility of a third party capturing sensitive customer data. When it comes to the physical security of your closet, it is easier and less costly to secure the single closet than multiple locations. For additional network security, you can purchase locking wall mount enclosures or fiber cable with locking pins that can only be removed with a special key.

Increase reliability

If your network is down, you can’t make sales. Retailers who demand reliability select fiber architecture over copper. It eliminates the need for local closets and reduces the quantity of switch gear. Fewer devices mean less chance of failure. Additionally, to ensure reliability at PoS locations, you can install media converters with redundant power. Compact, panel-mounted converters easily fit in the PoS counters and offer redundant fiber uplinks for high availability. These converters automatically failover to a backup link within 50 milliseconds of sensing a link-down state on the primary fiber link.

Security camera deployments

To enhance store security and loss prevention, Black Box offers POE media converters to support camera deployments. These converters backhaul video traffic to a security command center while powering remote IP cameras. Because the system offers power over Ethernet, you can locate cameras where you need them—even if it is far from available AC power outlets. Reach extends to remote areas such as parking lots, where you can place hardened media converters with extended operating temps at the base of light poles.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Customers increasingly demand good in-store Wi-Fi coverage to check pricing and product reviews. Retailers need Wi-Fi or WLAN to deliver customer-focused promotions, backhaul data from inventory scanners, or provide instructions to mobile warehouse staff. Because Wi-Fi access points are often located beyond the 100-meter limit of copper cabling, Ethernet media converters are a good solution. Access points are usually POE powered, so you can locate POE media converters near AC power while backhauling traffic to a data center several hundred yards away.

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