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One of the busiest PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) in the southeastern United States serves a population of nearly 2.7 million residents. With a staff of more than 200, the center processes more than two million public safety calls per year, 60% of which are 911 calls.


The 911 center needed to support multiple PCs for each call taker. Each had a single mouse and specialty VersaKey keyboard, which consumed more power than was supported by their existing setup. The PSAP wanted to make switching between multiple computers running various applications as easy and intuitive as possible, to make sure response time could be optimized.


The PSAP’s IT team learned of the Freedom KVM desktop switch and initiated contact with Black Box. They explained their requirements, which included an easier way to support multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse, as well as support for a specialty keyboard used by their call center employees. In order to ensure that the Freedom would work properly with the specialty keyboard, the Black Box team acquired a sample keyboard and did compatibility testing to confirm proper operation. In addition, the Black Box team made necessary software updates to the Freedom switch to support the required hot-key sequences that were built into the keyboard.


Each call taker now has a solution that improves response time through the use of a single keyboard and mouse. The Freedom KVM switch creates a seamless interface across multiple PCs and displays enabling call takers to instantaneously switch to the next PC by simply moving a mouse to the next screen. In addition, the 911 operators did not need to learn any special key sequences as the switch supports the custom hot-key sequences. Call takers are also set up for system expansion as any combination of screen sizes and layouts can be accommodated, as well as up to four screens per PC.

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