5 Benefits of Enterprise KVM System Management

Your enterprise environment demands a robust KVM and AV/IT system management platform that offers high performance, flexibility, security, scalability and simplified management of thousands of devices. You need a solution that controls your physical and virtual machines across multiple servers and locations from one centralized command center. Boxilla®, the premier system management platform, offers five key benefits for enterprise-level KVM system management.

1. Complete system view

View your entire KVM and AV/IT system in a single snapshot. A simple dashboard lets you see how your system is performing at any given time. Use drill-down menus for in-depth analysis on key parameters, such as bandwidth, frame rate, user changes and power usage.

2. Easy-to-use centralized admin and control

Boxilla works in conjunction with Emerald® IP KVM to offer centralized monitoring and control of your entire system across the enterprise. Boxilla automatically discovers all devices on your network and builds a database. You configure it however you like, with usernames, passwords and access rights. You can even set bandwidth usage limitations and receive alerts when usage exceeds your set thresholds.

From a central dashboard, Boxilla allows you complete control:

  • Send commands to network switches
  • Control user access
  • Monitor device status
  • Proactively diagnose and address network problems before they occur
  • Upgrade thousands of remote devices with one click

3. Manage security

Boxilla’s security features go beyond authentication and access control. This innovative platform proactively monitors your system for failing logins, port scans or other evidence of hacking and reports back to you on a security interface dashboard. If someone is trying to circumvent security profiles, you get real-time alerts and alarms so you can take immediate action.

4. Scales to unlimited endpoints

Your line of work has infinite possibilities, so why would your KVM system have limitations? Boxilla is ideal for large-scale enterprise systems because it provides management of an unlimited number of users and devices—including virtual and physical machines plus integration with virtualization management tools.

5. Centralized upgrade of endpoints

Imagine upgrading thousands of devices simultaneously with one click without ever leaving your seat. With Boxilla’s centralized upgrade capabilities, you can. And because this solution is software based, it’s future-proof. The initial release of Boxilla is designed to work with Emerald. Future upgrades will allow you to use Boxilla for digital KVM matrix switches, desktop KVM switches, control systems and collaboration systems. You’ll be able to manage your control room, conference room and other AV/IT applications from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Boxilla is the only solution available today that delivers enterprise-level management of physical and virtual machines.

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