Digital Healthcare of the Future is Now.  

Being on the cutting edge of technology means more than keeping up with trends.  It means delivering superior patient care and services with efficient, data-driven practices and HIPAA compliant, secure operations.  Your patients depend on you for the best in care.  To provide that care, you depend on an interoperable electronic health records (EHR) systems built on digital communications, robust network infrastructure, and human-centric technology that brings together every element of your medical and administrative teams.


Redefine Your Patients’ Experiences with Next-Generation IT Solutions

Having the right next-generation technologies to support trusted wireless communication, EMR, and essential services requires a future-ready IT roadmap. Black Box can help you design, deploy, manage and update your IT structure to accommodate for the demand for secure, redundant, and compliant healthcare communications. See how technologies you invest in today could be used to save lives in your digital hospital of the future by:

  • Shifting to remote work and care with virtual care and clinical collaboration, while remaining vigilant against cybersecurity threats.
  • Protecting your patient data with HIPAA-compliant data storage and distribution systems.
  • Bolstering the services you provide with resilient operations and efficient workflows.

The Nervous System of Healthcare

Outstanding patient care and optimized workflows are at the heart of your healthcare facility, but it is all powered by an enhanced nervous system of foundational IT. As a result, your patients improved outcomes, best service, and more personalized care, in a timely manner and without error. Well-planned solutions exceed the demands of the present and accommodate tomorrow's necessities. Our system of foundational technologies consists of robust and redundant network optimization, structured cabling, 5G & OnGo communications, digital signage, and a secure network. The result is an intuitive and all-encompassing system, designed to be human-friendly and powerful enough to persist through inevitable technology cycles.

  • network-optimization

    Network Optimization

  • structured-cabling

    Structured Cabling

  • 5g

    5G & OnGo

  • Digital-Signage

    Digital Signage

One Vital Mission. The Highest Quality Solutions From A Single Source.

Successful healthcare operations rely on leading-edge technology to improve patient experiences, optimize workflows, and make certain no errors occur in crucial, time-sensitive situations. Because quality is of the utmost concern, Black Box creates powerful and proven solutions tailor-made to your specific applications and needs: KVM, digital signage, cabling, and more.

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Why Black Box?

Just as your patients are the center of all you do. Your needs are the center of everything we do. We bring human-centric technology solutions to assist you in a seamless adaptation toward today’s dynamic healthcare environment and into the future.  We analyze your patient care and visitor experience requirements and suggest how technology can help meet those goals.  We’re committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals.  By continually investing in R&D, world-class infrastructure, and bringing the best talent from all across the world, we co-create path-breaking technology solutions with our customers.   
Much like human relationships, trust is crucial when building and sustaining strong business relationships.  You’ll find your Black Box experience the best of all worlds.  While some insist one cannot be all things to all people, we challenge that notion by gathering the finest minds, technology, and perspectives together under one banner for the explicit purpose of providing unparalleled and comprehensive service to you, our most valued customer and partner.

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