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KVM Extenders

Create efficient workflow with KVM extender solutions.

KVM extension fits a multitude of application to improve productivity.

Remove computer noise and heat.

Using KVM extenders to manage servers from one workstation—KVM stands for keyboard video mouse, don’t forget—makes desktop areas cooler and quieter, improving an employee’s focus and productivity.

Move servers and CPUs to clean, secure area.

In addition to making things quieter, extenders let you put servers or CPUs in secure, clean, and dust-free environments, improving the lifespan of delicate and expensive equipment.

Centralized management.

With KVM extenders, server maintenance, software updates, and network administration become centralized. Time and cost associated with staff support is reduced.

Variety of signals supported.

Black Box KVM extenders transmit DVI and HDMI video signals, as well as keyboard and mouse, digital or analog audio, serial, USB HID, and USB 2.0.

Find the extension solution that works for you.

KVM extension works over CATx cabling, fiber optic cabling, or an IP network. Use the media that works for your application. Non-networked CATx extenders use transmitters and receivers to transmit video and USB signals further than digital AV cable can go. If you need to go long distances between buildings, fiber extension is for you. And for multicasting with low latency, check out IP-based extension for lossless compression.

Transmit signals over CATx cable up to 1000 feet
Transmit signals over fiber cable to extend signals up to six miles away.
Transmit signals over a LAN or WAN
Flexible Extender to transmit signals either over CATx or fiber cable.