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Our AV, multimedia and digital signage solutions provide you with the technology you need to set up high-performance AV distribution and digital signage systems.

We're your source for digital signage platforms and everything behind the screens. And we mean everything – AV splitters, extenders, switches, converters, scalers, enclosures, and more.


Black Box AV, Multimedia, and Digital Signage Benefits


Efficient Meeting Room Booking

Make instant reservations, and extend or cancel existing meetings directly from the touch panel


HDMI-over-IP Distribution

Display up to 4K video over IP to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your local network reaches.


Create Artistic Video Walls

Captivate the audience with multi-screen, individually-shaped video walls.


Mission-Critical Visualization

Create advanced video walls to improve situational awareness and operator response time.


Interactive Standalone Signage

System designed for applications that require touch interactivity and advanced processing of video content.


Suitable for Harsh Environments

Appliance is sealed, fanless, and quiet. Ideal in harsh industrial as well as noise-sensitive environments.

Featured AV, Multimedia, and Digital Signage Solutions


Next-Generation AV over IP: MCX

MCX is a next-generation AV-over-IP solution from Black Box. MCX distributes and extends 4K 60 Hz video and audio over IP and is made for 10-Gbps network infrastructures. This robust video distribution system allows AV and data payloads to exist on the same IT network, which reduces network management time and costs.

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HDMI-over-IP: MediaCento IPX

Transmit HDMI video over Ethernet to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your local network reaches.


Digital Signage Platform: iCOMPEL 

Create, distribute and manage attention-getting digital signage without a lot of creative or technical know-how.


Temperature Kiosks: BDS-8

BDS-8 is an all-in-one kiosk with fast, contactless temperature measurement, facial recognition, and mask detection.



Control bridge multisystem & room control



Reserva is a touchscreen room sign with the latest room booking functionality and advanced digital signage features.

AV, Multimedia, and Digital Signage Product Portfolio

Video Extenders

Video & Multimedia

Video Wall Controler

Video Wall

Digital Signage CTA

Digital Signage

Room Scheduler

Room Scheduler

AV Solution Videos

An Introduction to Digital Signage

MediaCento IPX Introduction

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VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller


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AV Industry Application


Broadcast and Post Production

Display hundreds of video sources in windows of any size across a canvas of multiple screens.



Transform operations for businesses of all sizes with innovative technology products and solutions



Technology that increases learning, productivity, collaboration and student success



Visualization & signal management made for 24/7 mission-critical environments.



Provide enhanced guests experiences and maximize returns on your IT investments with entertainment, wayfinding,and more.



Overcome source to display latency with glass-to-glass encoding and decoding that happens in real time.

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Case Studies

Specialty Foods Supermarket Chain Uses Digital Signage to Deliver Dynamic Messages to Customers

Oct 10, 2015, 14:33 PM
An American supermarket chain sought a dynamic way to communicate with customers across its expanding locations. Black Box provided a digital signage solution, using iCompel® with virtual machines. Implementation improved customer engagement, reduced waste, and streamlined messaging across stores. The scalable solution now serves over 30 stores.
Title : Specialty Foods Supermarket Chain Uses Digital Signage to Deliver Dynamic Messages to Customers
Company : Supermarket Chain
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An American supermarket chain wanted a quick and easy way to get on-the-fly messages to its customers. The company needed a way to inform customers about specials, share new recipes, and promote its DVD cooking series. The static boards and flyers were time-consuming and costly to create and manage. Moreover, with the company’s rapid expansion, it became cumbersome to keep consistent messaging across all stores. The digital solution had to be able to play a variety of images, Flash, and video content across multiple stores nationwide.


The supermarket chain turned to Black Box, a leader in IT solutions with top-notch technical and application engineering support because Black Box could provide the company with a complete digital signage solution [digital signage media players, content management system (CMS), audio/video distribution, cabling, displays, etc.] and installation of the equipment and associated cabling. Black Box was also chosen because of its nationwide footprint as the company’s stores span the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Since the supermarket chain did not have any type of server equipment in the stores themselves, it chose the iCompel® digital signage solution with the virtual machine. And, the company was impressed with iCompel’s ability to assign content to like players whether in the same store or across multiple stores. This feature was very important to the supermarket since its content is departmentalized; having to schedule content at each store would be very time-consuming.


The initial installation took place at the company’s headquarters in New Jersey and nearby stores with a virtual CMS and 34 media players. The store owner wanted to keep the media players stored in the back storage room for security and easier maintenance. The installation included video extenders to use with existing CATx cabling to send content and video to the digital displays while keeping the media players in a secure location.

Running the digital signage content management software in a virtual environment allowed the company to manage all its digital signage media players remotely. This gave the company quick access to individual logs, schedules, content, and playlists to ensure its content is played at the right time, on the right screen, and in the right location.

Shortly after implementation, the company saw improvements with customer engagement. The in-store signage played cooking shows that encouraged use of specific products. As the video attracted customers, the company began placing product displays near the digital signage with the showcased products. The company also saw a reduction in waste. Before digital signage the company would use traditional advertising to discount certain special buy items with limited shelf life. After implementing the digital displays, the company noticed more customers were taking advantage of the discounted items and fewer items had to be discarded. Three years after the first install, the network now includes over 90 digital media players in over 30 US-based supermarkets.

The scalable iCompel solution enabled the company to add more media players to the system without any disruption. Having used the system for over three years, the supermarket chain is pleased with the results and envisions also using the system for ad messaging. The reporting section within iCompel enables the company to present its advertisers a reliable proof of play.

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