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Cables and Infrastructure

How to Terminate a Shielded CAT6A Cable

Learn how to properly terminate shielded solid bulk CAT6A cables using a shielded plug.

How to Pick an IT Cabinet

See how to specify the right cabinet for your application, starting with the type of equipment you want to put in it.

How to Pick an IT Rack

This in-depth educational video shows step by step how to go about picking a rack for a certain application and type of equipment.

Reduce Server Noise with Acoustic Cabinets

QuietCab™ Cabinets are for environments where you need to store network equipment near workers.

ClimateCab™: Cool the Cabinet, Not the Entire Room

Air-conditioned enclosures are the answer when you need to house servers,  and IT equipment outside the data center.

How to Identify Counterfeit Cable

Counterfeit cable is one of the hottest topics in the cabling industry today as the prevalence of non-compliant cable continues to grow.

How to Terminate and Test Copper Cable

This hands-on Tips for Techs video takes you inside the Black Box Training Center to show you how to terminate and test cabling for a copper installation.

How to Choose a CAT5e/CAT6 Channel

Choose a CAT5e or CAT6 channel solution that'll not only give you reliable end-to-end performance but also enough headroom for application assurance.

How to Find Fiber Faults in Seconds

Learn how to find fiber faults in seconds, up to 300 kilometers away, with the point-and-shoot F3X.

3-Series Premium Lockable Patch Cables

Watch this demonstration of how 3 Series premium, lockable CATx patch cables work. With the patented LockPORT boot, one cable gives you three levels of security: locked, secure, and protected.

High-Density Fiber Connectivity for Data Centers (MPO/MTP)

Learn the differences between MPO and MTP® connectors; Type A, B, and C connectors, and 24-strand fiber for 40-/100-GbE.

Save up to 4 inches of space with SpaceGAIN cables and panels

Save up to 4 inches of valuable cabling space with the exclusive SpaceGAIN line of cables and panels.

How to Protect and Secure Your IT Equipment

Keep your expensive servers and mission-critical equipment mounted correctly, running cool, and easy to access with the Elite™ Server-Mount Cabinet.

MTP Connector Rackmount Fiber Solutions

Simplify and streamline cabling in data center, move to a 10-Gig network, and prepare for 40-Gig with Black Box's line of MTP fiber products.

LanScopePro Network Analyzer

The LanScopePro Network Analyzer enables LAN installers, technicians, managers, and service providers to quickly maintain and optimize networks with a single tester.

AlertWerks Environmental Monitoring & Security System

Choose sensors to work with AlertWerks ServSensor Hubs: Temperature/humidity, water, smoke, security, power, and thermocouples.

Discover the Benefits of Factory Pre-terminated Fiber

Black Box has experts on staff terminating fiber cables to customer specifications. Our experienced staff can deliver pre-term fiber to your job in a matter of days.  Watch our video to see experts in action.

Behind the Scenes at Black Box: Black Box Custom Cable Manufacturing

Join Bill Fedorak for a tour through our custom cable manufacture in Lawrence, PA.

How to change polarity on OM4 LC Uniboot Patch Cables

Steve Molek shows how Premium OM4 LC Uniboot patch cables with build-in reverse polarity simplify installation.

Save time and simplify installation with Black Box Premium OM4 LC Uniboot Patch Cables

Steve Molek compares Uniboot patch cables versus traditional fiber optic cords.

Six quick steps to change polarity on Black Box OM4 LC Uniboot Patch Cables

Steve Molek explains how quick and easy polarity can be changed on Black Box Premium OM4 LC Uniboot patch cables.