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Healthcare Solutions

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Healthcare operations rely on leading-edge technology to improve patient experiences, optimize workflows, and make certain no errors occur in crucial, time-sensitive situations. Black Box provides powerful KVM, digital signage, cabling, and other solutions tailor-made for large hospitals, small medical private practices, and any healthcare facility in between.

Cabling and Networking Solutions

Console Servers

Console Servers

Allow IT administrators to remotely fix network issues with switches, routers, servers, and firewalls. Reconfigure, reboot, and re-image devices even if the primary network is down.

USB Extenders

USB Extenders

Plug-and-play extension of USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 signals up to 200 meters over CATx or fiber. Enable remote control and monitoring of equipment in hospital ORs.

PoE Injectors

PoE Injectors

Power Wi-Fi access points and IP cameras over CATx cable, simplifying installation.


Visualization Solutions

AV Digital Signage

AV Distribution and Digital Signage

Distribute content and information to medical professionals across any medical campus and share images from exam rooms to diagnostic labs instantly.



Improve patient, family, and guest experience in exam rooms, waiting areas, hallways, and lobbies of medical practices, offices, and centers by use of maps, directories, contacts, and medical wayfinding.

Physical Security

Physical Security

Manage security camera video feeds to a security operations center from a single desktop source.

Case Studies

Cisco Telepresence solutions enable Individual access to health solutions

Aug 5, 2022, 04:24 AM
Cisco Telepresence solutions enable Individual access to health solutions
Title : Cisco Telepresence solutions enable Individual access to health solutions
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  • Increasing travel
  • Slow treatment delivery
  • Declining quality of care
  • Increasing travel
  • Lost productivity


  • Additional Global Presence
  • Group & Individual Collaboration
  • Remote Access


  • Training for all
  • Time-saving
  • Easy access to updates


  • Provide training
  • Attend updates
  • Reduce travelling

Company Overview & Summary

Merck is a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Around 39,000 employees work in 66 countries to improve the quality of life for patients and to help meet global challenges.


Interaction between multiple clinicians
Although advances in research, treatment and processes strengthen the healthcare system, accessing them may require interaction between multiple sites or clinicians.


Cisco Telepresence SX10 End Points
In the coming months, this CSR project by Merck Sereno will look to bring in additional geographies from across the globe, using a mix of Cisco Telepresence, Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms and WebEx, thus allowing groups and individuals to collaborate Any time, Anywhere on Any Device.

Customer Quote #1 (if applicable)

RASHA KELEJ, CHIEF SOCIAL OFFICER – CSO MERCK has driven this initiative said: “Technology as an instrument of social transformation. We aim to help improve sustainable access to high-quality health solutions for underserved populations and communities in low- and middle-income countries. With this solution, patients now have access to a specialist who will counsel them on how to manage the intricacies of their illness. The doctor too is able to reach out to rural areas and play an important role in alleviating their health problems.”


Continuing Medical Education training
Provide training on Cisco Telepresence to reduce travel and time away from patients. Provide training for physicians, nurses, and other groups in many places at once, incorporating presentations, video, and handouts. Healthcare professionals can attend updates on new treatments and processes through Telepresence.

About Black Box

Black Box’s global team of solutions architects can help you find the CX that resonates with your customers and energizes your brand. Whether we’re working with you to design agent desktops that handle all inbound channels, assuring digital channels are consistent and easy to use or implementing the right amount of outbound channels and brand awareness that aligns with your core values, Black Box is ready to support and help you grow on your CX journey. 

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