NIAP 3.0 Certified Secure KVM Switches

Secure KVM HDR

Secure Peripheral Control between Multiple Computers and Devices

Connecting computer peripherals such as keyboard & mouse to a PC introduces potential data leakage and hacking risks. Black Box NIAP 3.0 Certified Secure KVM Switch line provides port isolation between networks ensuring no data is leaked between secure ports and the outside world. Built with true data path isolation between systems and networks, these switches help prevent hardware tampering.


Secure KVM Switch Benefits

Cyber Intrusion

Security You Can Trust

Relax and know that your systems are more secure while using our KVM switches.

  • Hardware-based data isolation
  • Secure EDID Learn and Video Emulation
  • True isolation between device connections


Multiple Standards

No need to upgrade your equipment. Our secure KVM uses your existing peripherals and security devices.

  • Supports DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA monitors
  • Resolutions up to 4K UHD
  • Fully configurable CAC port


Configurations You Want

Work the way you want with multiple device configurations.

  • KVM Switches with up to 16 ports
  • Single, dual or quad monitors
  • Supports both analog and digital video
  • Port isolation between networks
  • Multi-Monitor KM Switches with up to 8 ports

Secure KVM Switch Connection Options

Secure KVM Use Case


Secure Switch KVM Ports



Secure KVM Switch Features

Prevent Data Leakage / Breaches

Block peripheral exploits, data breaches, eavesdropping, computer malware.

Prevent Hardware/ Firmware Tampering

Hardware and firmware tampering by enforcing multilayered security mechanisms.

Prevent Cyber Intrusion

Computers can be catalysts for malicious attack or intellectual property theft. Protect desktop access since your computer or device is a potential point of entry into your network.

Network Port Security

Access multiple computers assured that your data is protected from accidental or unauthorized transfer when switching between systems.

Network Isolation

Securely control computers with port-to-port isolation for secure switching with no port crosstalk.

Air Gap your Network

Achieve air-gap isolation between computing devices with data path isolation, preventing cyber hacking and data leakage in environments where security is critical.

Cyber Threats Prevented by Secure KVM

ThreatSecure KVM's Solution
Microprocessor malfunction or unanticipated software bugs causing data to flow between ports.Unidirectional data flow is enforced by hardware "data diodes" so data isolation doesn't rely on software integrity.
Malicious modification of microprocessor software causing data to leak between ports.Microprocessors are one-time programmable and soldered on the board. Data isolation does not rely on software; it is ensured by hardware.
Detection of signals on one computer by monitoring for crosstalk (leakage) signals on another computer.No connections to sensitive inputs - such as computer microphone ports. Minimum crosstalk separation provided between signals from one computer and input or I/O signals to another.
Timing analysis attacks (looking at what happens on one port to determine data flow patterns on another).Only one computer is connected at a time to any shared circuitry. Links are unidirectional, preventing timing analysis.

Secure KVM Product Portfolio


Secure Desktop KVM Switches

2/4/8/16-ports with DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-I, audio, USB and optional CAC USB reader – centralized control of multiple systems for one keyboard-mouse and up to four monitors.


Secure KVM Matrix Switches

Allows multiple users to connect to multiple different computer sources – industry's first ever NIAP 3.0 certified.  Choose from 4 to 8 users and up to four different secure computers.


Secure KM

4/8-ports with USB, audio and optional CAC - switch seamlessly between systems with the cursor, while simultaneously viewing all video sources.


Secure Multiviewer

4-ports with DVI-I video, audio, USB and CAC – allows users to see up to four different secure sources on a single monitor.


Secure KVM Defender

Locks down otherwise unprotected or vulnerable peripherals, blocks malicious attacks and keeps secure networks secure - perfect for conference rooms or existing large scale KVM Matrices.


Secure KVM Cables

Choose from DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI cables.

Industry Applications


Let us help you find the best solution

One of our secure KVM switch experts will help you find all the products that meet your security requirements and business objectives.