DKM FX Matrix Switching System

Flexible and instantaneous HD video and KVM switching and extension for mission-critical installations.

Get flexible, instantaneous switching and extension of high-definition video and peripheral signals with the DKM FX system. Choose from chassis-based matrix switches in multiple sizes, compact CATx and fiber switches, and DKM extenders. The FX and Compact matrix switches are particularly well suited for mission-critical installations. The multi-level redundancy of the DKM family offers the highest reliability for 24/7 operation. DKM chassis supports full redundant power and hot swappable modules for full service and field upgrades without interrupting signal flow.

Free KVM Consultation

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Scalable and highly reliable

This matrix switching and HD video routing systemis designed to perform at the highest standards, engineered for enterprise-level mission-critical 24/7 operations. Mix and match fiber and CATx, CATx ports can be switched to fiber and vice versa.

Designed for easy expansion

The modular architecture provides an easy way to add connections and change inputs/outputs as enterprise needs arise.

Instantaneous video switching

Instant delay-free switching between multiple servers for multiuser access to sources.

Interface cards

A variety of interface cards (digital/analog video, USB, audio, serial) are available.

4K60 10-bit color, single cable

Boasts digital resolutions up to 4K with 60 fps (DisplayPort) or up to 2560 x 1600/1080p.

Multiple video inputs

Supports DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA, and other digital and analog standards.

Easy to manage

All DKM components can be centrally managed and updated with the latest firmware.

Operation via

Ethernet or serial keyboard for in-band OSD (on-screen display) configuration and operation.

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DKM Matrix SwitchDKM FX

The perfect high-performance, modular enterprise routing system for complete in-band signal distribution of high-definition video, audio, and peripherals over CATx or single-mode fiber supporting up to 288 I/O ports in a single frame. Designed with performance and flexibility in mind, the DKM FX offers tremendous scalability.

DKM FX Compact SwitchDKM FX Compact

The DKM FXC KVM Compact Matrix Switch is specifically designed for smaller to mid-sized KVM deployments using the same technology found in the enterprise-level DKM FX Matrix Switching system. Get the same instantaneous, reliable access to real-time digital HD video, plus a whole host of peripherals in a 1U or 2U frame for smaller installations. DKM FXC can be used with all DKM FX extender modules creating a wide range of high performance features and connections.  Use it in any application where users have to access many CPUs and other high-end AV devices.

DKM Modular ExtendersDKM Extenders

With KVM extenders, users can re-locate computers or CPUs servers at longer distances than standard interconnect cables allow. They also double as end point transmitters and receivers for communications to the matrix. Compact models are small and offer a space-saving footprint in standard fixed configurations. Modular varieties are designed around a modular concept enabling you to build an extender system to fit your specific need or application. Modular enclosure frames are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 21-slot units.
Send video, USB and serial signals up to 10 meters over CATx, 1000 meters over multimode fiber, or up to 10 kilometers over single-mode fiber. The extenders can be used in standalone, point-to-point applications, or as part of your DKM system.


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