iCOMPEL® System-on-Chip Digital Signage Solution

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Cost-Effective Digital Signage for System-on-Chip Displays

The iCOMPEL System-on-Chip (SoC) Solution is a software application that is licensed within the iCOMPEL Content Commander CMS and installed directly on compatible LG and Samsung SoC displays — saving both time and money on installation and maintenance by cutting out the physical player. With iCOMPEL’s powerful, enterprise-level Content Commander, you can manage mixed networks easily and seamlessly scale your network to 10,000+ displays.

The iCOMPEL System-on-Chip Solution allows you to create, manage, distribute and monitor the exact digital signage content you want for your application. This cost-effective digital signage solution is ideal for applications in:

  • Corporate and manufacturing communications
  • Retail and hospitality networks
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Healthcare systems
  • Education systems

iCOMPEL CMS System-On-Chip Features

  • Central web-based device management and health monitoring via iCOMPEL Content Commander CMS
  • Rich, single- and multi-zone layout design and playout
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Offline playback, true store and forward
  • Highly scalable from one to 10,000+ displays
  • Quick installation and configuration
  • Screen on/off control
  • View diagnostics on screen via CMS
  • Sophisticated role-based permissions and Active Directory integration
  • Ability to preview content in a web browser
  • Can be managed in a mixed network alongside iCOMPEL Subscribers and other third-party players
SoC  Example Layout

iCOMPEL CMS System-On-Chip Platforms

LG webOS Displays


Samsung Smart Displays


iCOMPEL CMS System-On-Chip Applications



Promote a safer campus with digital signage integrated with your school emergency notification system



Make your in-store digital signage part of the overall customer experience with hyper-targeted content

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Healthcare Systems

Create a better patient experience with clear wayfinding signage and scheduling update boards


Quick-Serve Restaurants

Serve customers more efficiently with easy-to-use, easy-to-update, fail-safe digital menu boards and touch screens


Corporate & Manufacturing

Motivate your team with internal communication using facility- and office-wide digital signage

iCOMPEL CMS System-On-Chip Resources