Fiber Bulk Cables

Bulk fiber optic cable cut to the exact length you need

Save money and reduce waste with fiber optic cable cut to the exact length you need.
Save time too. Black Box stocks an extensive selection and can ship today if you order by 10 A.M. E.T.

Choose from guaranteed-for-life multimode and single-mode cable with 6-, 12-, and 24-fiber strands. Other fiber counts are available on request.

Choose from distribution-style, armored, and zipcord cable for indoor runs and patching.
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Choose from distribution-style and armored cable for indoor and outdoor runs.
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Fiber bulk-Outdoor
Choose from loose-tube and armored cable for outdoor runs.

Black Box products can be conveniently purchased through a broad range of qualified distributors and resellers located around the globe

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Is Fiber Right for Your Network?

Black Box Explains...     
Fiber Optic Cable Construction
Fiber optic cable consists of a core, cladding, coating, strengthening fibers, and cable jacket.
Black Box Explains...     
8 Advantages of Fiber
Fiber optic cable is one of the most popular mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications.