Devising a Deployment Strategy that Smoothly Integrates Digital Transformation

Every forward-looking business knows that to effectively compete they must shift their thinking to the Digital Edge. In fact, 60 percent of executives believe that failure to adapt to hyperconnectivity is their company’s biggest risk.

As discussed in our blog previously, the first step in creating an Intelligent Digital Edge is developing a design roadmap that not only accounts for an organization’s specific goals and requirements but is also nimble enough to adapt to wider, ever-changing shifts in both technology and business needs.

That said, putting a rock-solid design plan in place is merely a first step; equally important is identifying the deployment solution that is uniform, consistent, and scalable. This is a moment in the process that should never be taken lightly. The larger and more broadly deployed your enterprise, the greater the complexity – and the greater the risk of dissatisfying customers and employees due to inconsistent and unpredictable user experiences.

More than 70 percent of most IT organizations’ time is spent simply keeping the lights on, according to 2016 Global Operating Model Research from Accenture Strategy. As a result, one of the biggest impediments to deployment for many organizations is an inability to focus on implementing this necessary innovation.

To avoid this complication, there are best practices that must be considered that utilize agile processes that consistently save clients time, headaches, and money. In most cases, a true partner that can establish a centralized command and control location to optimize deployments by geography during the planning and execution phases, and can provide uniform on-site standards and localized deliverables tailored to regions, will be the difference in ensuring that every solution is deployed the same every time.

Moreover, whether a deployment is scaling from the 100s to the 1000s or from the 10,000s to the 100,000s, a key to assuring a business is getting it right is aligning itself with a partner that boasts a depth and breadth of experience at the digital edge – this means a partner that has extensive experience updating hundreds of locations worldwide every night. It also means a company with a large army of highly-trained technicians – not only in the U.S. but also in Latin America, Europe, and Asia – who can guarantee that any wrinkles in deployment can be smoothed quickly and competently.  

The sooner you deploy your Intelligent Digital Edge, the faster you can unlock the value that digital transformation can deliver for your enterprise. To get started, you can speak with a Black Box representative about how we can devise and execute a deployment strategy that will seamlessly deliver your digital transformation.

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