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Console Servers for Remote Management

Console servers give you an easy and affordable way to remotely monitor and manage your critical network infrastructure from the office, home, and the road.

Black Box Wireless Ethernet Extenders (LWE120 Series)

Extend Ethernet links up to six miles across campus or across town with ease, no laying cable, with the LWE120 Series Wireless Ethernet Extenders.

Networking Considerations for IP Video and Surveillance Applications

This presentation covers networking considerations for IP based video extension/switching and security/surveillance applications.

LE2700 Industrial Ethernet Switches

Face the challenge of networking in demanding environments with this pay-as-you-grow modular switch.

USB Extenders

Learn more about extending USB over CAT5e, fiber, and IP networks. Extend USB signals in education, healthcare, manufacturing, security, and harsh environments with simple, cost-effective USB extenders.

Pro Switching System - Automatic Layer 1 A/B Network Switching

The Pro Switching System is an intelligent Layer 1 A/B gang switching, chassis-based solution that looks only at physical connections, like an "intelligent patch panel."

Wireless Ethernet Extenders (LWE200 Series)

One of the easiest ways to extend your Ethernet network across campus or across town is with Wireless Ethernet Extenders.

Power over Ethernet Explained

Learn what PoE is—and is not—and clarify how it can be an important part of your network.

Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches Demo

In this clever demonstration, a movie is played on-screen to show how Black Box's Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches provide instantaneous failover when the primary link fails.

Hardened Managed Switches Overview

See how the LEH family of Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches provides increased reliability and redundancy in industrial networks.