Emerald DESKVUE Redefines the User's Workspace for a New Simplicity, Connectivity, and Efficiency

Black Box proudly announces that Emerald DESKVUE has WON the Best in Show, AV Technology, ISE 2023 Award in the support category!

In a completely new concept in KVM over IP, the Emerald DESKVUE receiver allows users to create a personalized workspace where they can simultaneously monitor and interact with up to 16 preferred systems. DESKVUE connects to distributed physical systems, virtual machines via PCoIP ultra, H.264/265 sources, and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). 4K/5K video on 1 to 4 screens provides a high amount of concurrent information with instant mouse switching between sources, eliminating former hotkey errors.



  • Highly Secure KVM over IP

    Receiver unit fully integrates with Emerald Unified KVM and the Boxilla KVM manager for device configuration, monitoring, and authentication.

  • Interact with 16 Systems Simultaneously

    Connect to physical systems via Emerald transmitters and Virtual Machines using RDP, PCOIP (Ultra), H.264/5, and VNC.

  • Seamless Switching

    Instant and error-free system switching is triggered by a mouse click combined with a unique source information provision.

  • Tailor your Workspace

    Freely place and size your systems across up to four monitors; view and interact with them in the most efficient way.

  • Up to 4K/5K Video Resolutions

    Attach up to four HDMI or DP screens with resolutions up to 5120 x 1440, or work with the latest ultra-wide curved monitors.

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