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NIAP-certified Secure KVM Switching Solutions

Cybersecure KVM Switches

Today, cyberthreats are more prevalent than ever and have become increasingly complex. This is also true for “internal attacks” that occur at the user desktop. Black Box helps organizations improve productivity, situational awareness, and the decision-making process of users who work with both classified and unclassified systems. NIAP-certified Secure KVM Switches provide a single point of authorized access (user console) to multiple systems, while maintaining full classification of critical information throughout all connected systems.

Why Use Secure KVM in a Multi-Classification Environment?

Operator challenges when working with both classified and unclassified systems

Before - Disconnected classified systems

  • Access to servers with different classifications requires multiple separate consoles
  • Moving from console to console reduces productivity, and causes higher user fatigue
  • Compromises situational awareness and delays mission-critical decisions
  • Requires lots of office/desktop space, investments in multiple console sets
  • Vulnerable to internal attacks through USB-connectivity, unwanted DDC data transmission, or tampering if traditional KVM switches are used

The solution: secure multi-classification access from a single Secure KVM Switch

After - Multi-classification system

  • Access information across servers with differing security classifications from a single user console
  • Smooth switching performance increases productivity
  • Allows instant situational awareness and faster mission-critical decisions
  • Results in lower total cost of ownership and space requirements
  • Reduces risk of internal threats

Benefits of Black Box Secure KVM Switches



Air gap, unidirectional USB-flow, video/AUX emulation prevent from unwanted data transmission



with the highest Protection Profiles (PP) from Common Criteria and TEMPEST


Crystal-clear Video

Supports all common AV formats up to 4K including HDMI/DisplayPort Flexports

Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.

Secure KVM, developed, tested and made in U.S.A.



Black Box has deployed thousands of secure desktops worldwide

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Experienced Support

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