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Agility – HD KVM over IP Matrix Switching and Extension

Extend and switch video, USB, and audio signals over IP

The Agility IP-based KVM switching and extension system connects users to remotely located computers with perfect digital video in real time. Use Agility extenders to transmit DVI HD video, USB, and audio signals over your existing LAN or a dedicated KVM network. The flexible topology of the Agility system gives you extension options beyond standard keyboard-monitor-mouse. This high-performance KVM system enables KVM switching, target sharing, DVI extension with full HD 60 fps, and multicasting.

Agility Features

  • Flexible System Topology

    Configure as point-to-point or KVM matrix switching system. Single or dual-head models as well as dual-link versions available.

  • Pixel-Perfect HD Video

    Lossless compression minimizes bandwidth consumption while maximizing user experience. Delivers digital video resolutions up to 2560x1600.

  • Managed KVM Matrix Switching

    Manage your complete Agility KVM system with the iPATH controller that enables remote, secure configuration of the transmitter and receiver units via your web browser.

  • VNC Support for Remote Management

    Get remote out-of-band access, redundant network link support, and bandwidth aggregation.


Agility Benefits



Add transmitter and receiver units as your network grows. Agility scales to thousands of endpoints.



Agility can be deployed as a point-to-point KVM extender, a KVM switching system, a sharing portal, and much more.

Flawless Video

Flawless Digital Video

Delivers pixel-perfect digital video: Single link up to 1080p, dual link up to 2560 x 1600.



Dual network paths, redundant central management, and link aggregation improve system reliability.

Selective Signal Switching

Selective Signal Switching

Switch DVI, USB, audio, and RS-232 channels selectively, whether singly or as a group.

Industry Applications

Case Studies Featuring Agility

Prosiebensat.1 Produktion - One Switch-Over That Broadcasters Welcome
ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion upgraded their broadcasting infrastructure, replacing analog KVM systems with IP-based solutions. The Agility system from Black Box enabled digital switching and distribution of video, audio, and USB signals. This modern technology enhances image quality, flexibility, and efficiency, providing future-proof, cost-effective adaptability for broadcasting needs.

Agility Application Diagram

Agility Product Portfolio

Choose from Zero U, single-link or dual-link transmitters. Order a transmitter to connect a computer to your KVM network.
Choose from single-link and dual-link transmitters. Order a receiver to connect a user to your KVM network.
iPATH transforms the Agility into a digital matrix switching solution. Scalable from 24 to unlimited endpoints.
Complete your Agility system with rackmount kits, spare power supplies, power cables, and power distribution hubs.
Extender Kits
Go farther, do more, with digital KVM extension over IP

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