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Security and surveillance


To connect security and surveillance cameras and equipment in temporary and remote sites, wireless Ethernet extenders combined with PoE switches and injectors provide a practical solution.

We offer wireless extenders and PoE solutions that enable reliable surveillance at wellheads, pipelines and refineries.

Power over Ethernet technology solves the problem of how to power remote monitoring and control room equipment without having to run electrical lines.


Uninterrupted data transmission is the top priority for mission-critical monitoring and communications networks. The solution is a redundant network with automatic failovers to ensure 100% uptime.

The Black Box redundant LEH Series of industrial switches withstand temperature extremes of -40°C to 75°C. They come in IP30-rated cases and meet numerous industrial standards, including EN6100-6-2 and EN6100-6-4. Some models are also Class 1, Division 2-rated. These are explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, purged or pressurised. 








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