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Retail Digital Signage

Nowhere more than in a retail environment is the potential to drive revenue by serving dynamic, hyper-targeted digital signage content quite so strong. The Black Box iCOMPEL® digital signage system opens up the possibilities for in-store signage in sizes ranging from video walls down to mobile phones. And not just displaying general digital signage content, but hyper-targeted, interactive content based on customer behavior and collected data, integrating your in-store digital signage into the overall customer experience.

  • Create, manage and update retail digital signage content easily
  • Customize your in-store content by location
  • Increase engagement with hyper-targeted content and offers based on customer metadata
  • Display content on screens large and small — from retail video walls to mobile phones
  • Make real-time content updates and integrate with EPOS for always accurate pricing
  • Enable store manager updates for local content via a simplified, browser-based user interface

Benefits of the iCOMPEL® Digital Signage Solution for Retail


Optimize Engagement

Deliver the right message to the right shopper in the right place at the right time. The iCOMPEL Content Commander CMS makes it easy with the ability to set your digital signage content playlists based on time of day, location within the store and customer-specific metadata tagging. Your digital signage system can deliver customized, engaging, branded content directly from a shopper’s mobile phone or loyalty card. You can also make your digital signage interactive for the customer as iCOMPEL supports in-store self-help touch-screen devices.





Create Maximum Impact

Engage shoppers with an eye-catching HD or 4K retail video wall. The iCOMPEL system works with video wall controllers to ensure that your video wall displays your digital signage content exactly the way you intended for maximum impact. In addition, you can add audio to your digital signage system with separate playlists customized to create just the right ambiance in each different area of your store.





Update Instantly

Make real-time content updates as required, and integrate your iCOMPEL digital signage system with your EPOS system for pricing that’s always up to date. You can authorize store managers to make local content updates with minimal training, thanks to a simplified user interface for a local update of content, including both text and images.




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