With Bespoke In-Building 5G and OnGo Solutions, Black Box Is Reshaping the Wireless Future in Healthcare Facilities

Black Box 5G and OnGo Solutions Meet Today’s Complex Wireless Challenges, While Ushering in Tomorrow’s IoT-Driven ‘Smart Hospitals’

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Dec. 15, 2020 — Black Box, a global solutions integrator, today unveiled its new service offering for in-building wireless connectivity in healthcare facilities based on 5G networks and the OnGo™ private LTE technology. Through its next-generation wireless solutions, Black Box is helping healthcare operations meet today’s complex networking challenges — while also laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s “smart hospitals” driven by IoT and 5G networks. 

“Over the last decade, the exponential growth in wireless connectivity has created some real challenges for healthcare facilities. Every day, people walk into a typical hospital with a huge array of wireless devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to wearables, all of which compete with critical medical devices like infusion pumps, scanners and connected carts for network bandwidth,” said William Holman, vice president and general manager, 5G and OnGo Technology Solutions, at Black Box. “Add in IoT devices like wireless sensors, the majority of which will have 5G capability, and it’s easy to see how hospital networks will be soon be completely overwhelmed — unless they have a plan to accommodate this growth and embrace the wide range of opportunities it brings.”

Holman added, “As the leading provider of networking solutions for enterprises facing complex in-building connectivity challenges, Black Box is the ideal wireless partner for healthcare. Every day, we’re helping our customers prepare for the wireless future and embrace the promise of new mobile work environments, larger volumes of rich data, more intelligence and powerful new workflows. With our 5G and OnGo solutions, we’re helping our healthcare clients build a strategy that supports all of their wireless communications needs both today and tomorrow.”  

Black Box 5G networking solutions for healthcare leverage all of the key advantage of next-generation 5G networks, including not only enhanced mobile broadband for smartphones but also support for massive machine communications and ultra-reliable, low-latency communications. Advanced 5G networks will power massive numbers of IoT devices, such as the thousands of sensors in a “smart hospital.” At the same time, 5G enables communication speeds that are 100 times faster than 4G with latency that is even faster than human visual processing, ushering in a new breed of mission-critical medical applications.

The brand of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Alliance, OnGo offers a private LTE alternative to conventional Wi-Fi that supercharges hospital networks with near-zero latency, uninterrupted connectivity, high levels of interference protection and unlimited options for customization. With comprehensive OnGo wireless solutions from Black Box, hospitals can move mission-critical applications off Wi-Fi and onto purpose-built medical networks that enable doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to communicate securely and without bandwidth competition from guest traffic. OnGo wireless solutions support the 4G networks of today as well as emerging 5G topologies that will drive IoT and the connected buildings of tomorrow. 

With Black Box’s in-building 5G and OnGo solutions, healthcare facilities will be poised to apply powerful new wireless capabilities to improve patient care and streamline operations. One example is the ability to bridge indoor and outdoor wireless environments, a requirement that has grown in urgency as the coronavirus pandemic has forced hospitals to onboard new patients efficiently and securely in locations such as parking garages. Wireless networks of the future will encompass all locations on a hospital campus, both inside and outside, while providing requisite security.

Another compelling opportunity is real-time telehealth, with secure communications links between hospitals and outside locations such as a patient’s home or an accident site. In this scenario, the orders-of-magnitude of bandwidth expansion of 5G will enable parties to transmit video, voice and data, including large imaging files like MRIs, simultaneously and in seconds. Coming 5G technologies will also enable new IoT systems in hospitals that leverage vast arrays of sensors and real-time data speeds. These life-saving technologies will not only yield new intelligence for doctors and other clinicians, but drive sensor-driven capabilities such as wireless robotics surgery. In addition, incorporating virtual reality into wireless applications will improve the knowledge and skills of clinicians by giving them the ability to manipulate large images in real time. 

“At Black Box, our approach to delivering in-building 5G and OnGo solutions for healthcare customers is grounded in three key principals: network design based on the application and device requirements, the choice of the right network for the right device and the right application, and ensuring optimal performance across all networks,” said Kevin Swank, director of product management, at Black Box. “With 5G, OnGo and purpose-built wireless networks, we have more tools at our disposal than ever before to support all things wireless in a healthcare environment. And of course, mission-critical performance is built into everything Black Box does — our solutions can leverage coverage, capacity and networks selectively to bring lightning speed to everything from dedicated VoIP devices and smartphone applications to purpose-built medical devices, IOT sensors and location tracking devices.”

Further information about Black Box and the company’s in-building 5G and OnGo services offerings is available at www.bboxservices.com.

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About Black Box

With more than 40 years of experience connecting people and devices, Black Box is dedicated to helping customers embrace the future by ensuring business continuity and accelerating digital transformation. As a trusted solutions integration partner, Black Box designs, deploys, manages, and maintains a full range of technologies that support Connected Buildings, a Digital Workplace, and Customer Experience. With deep expertise in 5G, edge networking, data centers, and cybersecurity, the Black Box team delivers secure, consistent, and latency-free connectivity to enterprises of all size and scope.

Black Box is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Networks. To learn more, visit the Black Box website at www.blackbox.com. Follow the company on Twitter @BlackBox_ns. Black Box®️ and the Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks of BB Technologies Inc.

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