Black Box and FilmLight Collaborate to Offer KVM Extension Solution for Post-Production Grading

Pittsburgh/Utrecht, May 2017 – Black Box, a world-leading technology solutions provider for high-performance KVM, switching, and professional A/V signal distribution and extension, announced it is working with FilmLight to offer six different kits incorporating Black Box's digital KVM extension solution. The kits provide the technology needed to satisfy the high-bandwidth demands of color-grading applications and maintain a smooth post-production finishing process.

Black Box created these six kits to support the powerful Baselight ONE color-grading and finishing system, especially when it's used with FilmLight's Blackboard 2 and Slate control surfaces. To support different bandwidth needs, the kits come in either copper or fiber versions, and the DKM solution is capable of upgrades between Baselight ONE systems. This combined offer from Black Box and FilmLight increases the distance between operators and their Baselight ONE systems, making it easier for customers to meet their security, IT or operational requirements.

"High-quality post-production has needs beyond the scope of most standard technologies," said Adam Birch, key account manager for the Broadcast division, Black Box EMEA. "Black Box is focused on solutions for professionals who seek perfection in their communication and creative applications."

Color grading has more than typical bandwidth requirements. In applications where the server room is not close to the workstation, and extension is needed, high bandwidth for color-grading control surfaces is a major challenge. In addition, these advanced control surfaces use multiple USBs and video signals. Comparable IP-based KVM systems do not support USB connections above 48 Mbps and are not capable of providing extension for advanced colorization control surfaces. This means a custom KVM extender with multiple I/O is required to make the solution work.

Black Box's DKM solution is ideal for these challenges because of its unique capabilities that support both multiple inputs and high bandwidth. The kits are configurable and also use Black Box's modular DKM chassis with six slots for multiple I/O cards at the end points. Servers can be hundreds or thousands of feet apart from where the extension is needed. The KVM solution enables creative professionals to extend those distances with greater bandwidth, and also provides an extended user interface that is visually lossless and has zero latency.

FilmLight's Baselight color-grading and finishing system is used by many top post-production facilities for film, TV and commercials. FilmLight developed the Blackboard 2 to provide smooth, precise and responsive control to their high-end Baselight TWO users. By collaborating with Black Box, FilmLight has made it easier to connect the control surface to a machine room with Baselight ONE. Blackboard 2 employs four large, high-resolution displays to give colorists clear and instant feedback. It also features 12 wear-free, limitless optical encoders for rotary input. Slate uses the same technological advances of the Blackboard 2 control surface, but in a size that can keep up with today's post-production facilities. Slate uses two display screens to give colorists clear and instant feedback.

"FilmLight is always looking to improve and solve our customers' challenges so they can focus on producing creative excellence," said Steve Britnell, systems integration manager at FilmLight. "Our Baselight customers were looking for an easy way to add connections and change inputs and outputs. Black Box's solution delivers and is solving a long gestating problem for us. Our goal with Baselight is to provide flexibility and reliability during the finishing process, and this is one more feature in support of that goal."

Each kit was tested, and FilmLight is currently reselling the KVM extension link to its Baselight users. Customers looking for a custom system outside of the bundles can contact [email protected].

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