Technology Solutions


Solve your real-life IT problems. See how our technology products work together to give you a complete, end-to-end solution.

28-AWG Patch Cables

Gain nearly 50% more space and improve cable management with Slim-Net™ CAT6/CAT6A patch cables.

Fiber to the Desktop

Solve network security, expand bandwidth, and extend the reach of networks by incorporating fiber into existing copper infrastructures.

Black Box Connect

The smart choice when price matters most. Choose from a complete copper channel and fiber patch cables and panels.

Wireless Collaboration

Imagine idea sharing without barriers. With Coalesce, any number of users can wirelessly connect, share, and control content from any device.

4K Solutions

Transition to 4K and deploy video systems that wow your audience with award-winning products and platinum support.

Video Wall Controllers

Standalone signage video wall controller that accepts a standard single- or dual-link DVI input and flexibly displays it on up to four output monitors.

Mobile Device Storage and Charging Solutions

Charge, store, sync, and transport popular mobile devices—from iPad minis to 15" Chromebooks.

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