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Digital KVM Matrix Switching Systems

Upgrading from Analog to Digital

Today’s enterprise-class KVM systems are digital. Digital systems provide many benefits over analog systems including the following:

Future-proof longevity

The VGA standard is being discontinued. This means that new servers and monitors will have video output connectivity with HDMI and DisplayPort. Future-proof systems accommodate support for WQXGA (2560 x 1600) and 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160). Older, analog systems do not support these new video standards or resolutions.

Digital technology is distinctly better

Digital technology improves users’ experiences by providing crystal-clear images at any supported distance. HD video is delivered pixel by pixel to digital displays at higher resolutions and increased color depth.


Digital systems are more scalable

New, larger KVM matrices and IP-based systems increase flexibility and enable connecting to a much higher number of endpoints. Hundreds of users and devices can be incorporated into one unified system.

Signal switching is fast

Digital KVM systems provide instantaneous signal switching as opposed to seconds for older analog systems. This means that people can rapidly access new systems, which is especially important in fast-paced environments such as broadcasting.


Expanded peripheral options 

Digital KVM systems feature improved USB support and compatibility with most other USB devices on the market: touchscreens, keyboards, mice, and advanced control surfaces. RS-232 and audio are also supported. This means that more device types can be supported, enabling the KVM system to support more applications for the broadcaster.

Enterprise-class KVM matrix switching is a high-performance solution that enables communication and dynamic switching between user consoles and remotely located servers. In addition, digital KVM matrix switching systems can also eliminate technology silos and provide centralized connectivity to all servers for all users. 

Agility Dual-Head Receiver
IP-based matrix switching and extension for video applications.
DKM FX 288 Port Chassis
Direct connect, scalable matrix and extension switching for enterprise KVM.
DCX3000 30-Port Matrix Switch
A smaller digital matrix switch for smaller multiuser applications.

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