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Serial Cables

Connect serial devices, computers, and datacom equipment.

These wafer-thin cables have low-profile DB connectors.

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Extend DB9, DB15, and DB25  serial connections up to 100 feet.

Connect legacy serial printers, async modems, or DCE devices.
Make connections between two serial PC ports or to a serial printer.
Make legacy serial printer connections.
Connect legacy equipment to async modems or DCE devices.
Choose cross-pinned V.35 cable or straight-pinned M/50 cable.

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Black Box Explains...     
RS-232, also known as RS-232C and TIA/EIA-232-E, is a group of electrical, functional, and mechanical specifications for serial interfaces between computers, terminals, and peripherals.
Black Box Explains...     
Industrial Networking
Industrial environments present much harsher conditions than are found in typical office environments.