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The Future of Visualisation and Automation in Control Rooms


Control rooms need to be reliable and should display accurate data both on-site and remotely. They also have to provide access to huge amounts of data in a safe and protected environment, offering enough flexibility and scalability to accommodate ever changing user needs and new technologies.

Video walls play a key-role in providing a platform that allows control room operators to increase their situational awareness and improve response times to critical events.

Whether an industry depends on their control room and command centres like defence, public safety, transportation or security; they need unmatched picture quality for clear, crisp visualisation to get their message and brand across; or they require their operators to focus more closely on their work by eliminating redundant input and control devices, Black Box will take you a big step forward in helping you prepare for the future.

Pro-AV Webinar Series

Black Box has the deep technical expertise, a wide support system and an extensive portfolio to put together a solution for your specific application. Register for our webinars and find out how to optimise the visualisation of critical data and bring collaboration in the control room to a whole new leve

Brian-AndrewsSpeaker: Brian Andrews
Application Engineer






Brian-AndrewsSpeaker: Brian Andrews
Application Engineer




Selected Solutions Featured in the Webinars

100% Software-based Video Wall Processing: Radian Flex™

Highly Flexible and Future-proof Video Wall Processing

Radian Flex™ is a software-based video wall platform that supports 4K resolutions and beyond and is highly adaptable to your current and future visualisation requirements. Connect any source and type of display over a standard IP network and intuitively manage your content via a user-friendly interface. .

EU_AV Series_Web_VideoPlex
Individually Shaped Video Wall Designs: VideoPlex4000

Create Eye-catching Video Walls with an Infinite Number of Monitors

The VideoPlex4000 Video Wall Controller gives users the flexibility to create individually shaped video walls with four – or more – HDMI displays. There are no restrictions on how the screens are arranged or screen sizes. Users can freely scale and position images, including rotations of up to 270°.

EU_AV Series_Web_MediaCento
HDMI-over-IP Distribution, Switching and Video Wall Control: MediaCento™ IPX

Share any HD/4K Source to any Screen over IP

MediaCento™ IPX allows you to unicast or multicast HD/4K video over an Ethernet network for a crystal clear viewing experience with ultra-low latency. Add the MediaCento™ IPX Controller to the system and you can not only control and switch from any source to any screen with a PC, smartphone or tablet, but it also enables you to create and control a video wall of up to 64 screens.

EU_AV Series_Web_ControlBridge
Room Control and Multi-System Automation: ControlBridge™

Enable Multiple System Control and Room Automation through a Single Touch Panel

ControlBridge™ enables operators to trigger control room and room automation systems via an intuitive touch panel GUI or even mobile devices. Control signals via Ethernet or a serial connection to a video wall through the use of dynamic API commands or preset functions.