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Strategies for Accelerating Business Growth & Sustaining Competitive Advantage

In the age of accelerated digital transformation, innovation and adaptability are crucial for IT teams around the world as well as C-Suites dedicated to business growth and business continuity. Join Black Box expert engineers, product managers, and industry-leading partners, as we explore how businesses are adapting to the radically shifting technology landscape.  

Cyber Defense Clinics: Attack the Issues of Cybersecurity Before They Attack You

The lack of an incident response plan has left many corporations unprepared, unprotected, and unqualified to mitigate the loss of sensitive and secure information. The current hybrid work environment world has led to a digital landscape where it’s not “if” cybersecurity attacks will occur, but “when” an attack occurs how do you react? The best way to combat attacks is to enable your defenses by educating your own IT team on how to identify the attack, quarantine the infection, and remove the virus from the system.

But, assembling a cybersecurity army would be incomplete without also training for continued monitoring of possible future cyber-attacks. That’s why the Black Box Cyber Defense Clinic addresses these concerns and teaches you how to conduct incident response using your own IT team to deploy tools if, or when, your network is compromised.

How can your business better prepare itself for future cybersecurity attacks?

Attend a Cyber Defense Clinic with Black Box Cybersec.


Upcoming Cyber Defense Clinics

During each of the following FREE Cyber Defense Clinics, you will engage in a 30-minute discussion to set you up for a successful mission, 2 hours of hands-on lab training, and 30 minutes of Q&A discussion.

Each session is meant to be standalone and can be attended without having done the previous session or attend all 3 sessions to go in-depth in your cyber defense training!

Smash & Grab — October 14 at 12PM EST

Ransomware & Insider Threat — November 18 at 12PM EDT

Access Control and Centralized Defense — CANCELEDJanuary 20 at 12PM EDT

Upcoming Webinars

Join our team and partners every month for a new discussion on innovative solutions to support your IT strategies.


The Future of
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Reimagine Your Workplace: Your WorkFORCE is Ready — But is Your WorkPLACE?

Today, your colleagues, clients and partners collaborate from anywhere at any time on any device across a combined network of remote and office locations. And studies show in some ways this growing hybrid workforce is more productive and more proficient working with technology than ever. Join Black Box Edge Networking experts for an informative, inspiring, 45-minute discussion about mastering business and IT in the age of the hybrid workforce.


One Year Later: Mastering the Business & Technical Challenges of Remote Work – Expert Panel

A year after the workplace turned upside down by a global pandemic, corporate IT teams are beginning to define, design, implement and support a new hybrid work environment. Join Black Box and our expert panel for an informative 45-minute discussion on how to think about and prevail over the challenges facing corporate IT team members as we are reimagining the future of hybrid work.


Strategies to Deliver Transformational CX—Expert Panel

An exceptional customer experience (CX) demands that your customers can reach you at any time, through any channel, on any device, from anywhere in the world. The experience, whether in-person or online is seamless, and the response is personalized and immediate. Join Black Box and our esteemed panel of CX experts for a lively, 45-minute discussion of the greatest challenges facing businesses on their journey from ordinary customer service to an exceptional experience.


This is I(o)T: What You Need to Know About Connected Buildings & IoT Technology

Speed up your digital transformation in the age of IoT — from conceptualization to infrastructure deployment to on-going maintenance — and implement hundreds or thousands of IoT devices at one location or around the world. In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn how IoT goes beyond building efficiency to empower your employees with the analytics needed for strategic decision-making and to provide a safe, socially distant workplace.