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4 SITE FLEX Quad Screen Multiviewer with KVM Switch

Real-time multiviewer, quad screen KVM switch supports analog and digital video.

Artículo Nº:  Quad Screen Multiviewer with KVM Switch


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Product Features

  • Four display modes: Full or Quad screen, Picture-in-Picture, and Windows mode
  • Maximum VGA resolution of 1920 x 1200; maximum DVI resolution of 1900 x 1200.
  • Transparent USB 2.0
  • Image rotation for vertical mounted displays
  • Switching via hotkeys, hot mouse, ODS, or serial control


One for all.
The ServSwitch™ 4Site Flex gives you true KVM switching for controlling four servers from one keyboard and mouse. Plus, it enables you to display the video from those four servers on one monitor - all at the same time, and in real-time. The switch offers fluid video performance at full refresh rates without frame dropping, perfect for movies, and animated content.

The 4Site Flex can process digital and analog video signals via DVI-I ports (HDMI by adapter) as both input and output. Various video modes, including HDTV resolutions with HDCP encryption, are supported in any combination as input and output.

This video switch is a real bonus if you work in a control room or need to keep track of multiple screens. You can view them all on one monitor at your workstation instead of setting up a bank of monitors.

You have five ways to view the video from your computers: Windows (Win) Mode, Full-Screen Mode, Quad-Mode, Dual-Mode, and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode.

Win Mode.
All video sources can be resized and independently repositioned anywhere on the display, just like windows. The "windows" can overlap each other with a transparent appearance. Resizing and repositioning are done by mouse or touchscreen. Four customized Win modes can be saved for quick activation.

One-to-one Full-Screen Mode.
In Full-Screen Mode, the video from one of the four connected CPUs or servers is displayed on the entire screen and in maximum resolution. The operation of the keyboard and mouse automatically switches to the selected CPU or server.

Four-in-one Quad Mode.
In Quad Mode, the screen is split into four fields of equal size. Each field displays the live video from one of the connected CPUs or servers. Select keyboard and mouse operation from the field of the corresponding computer.

Seeing double with Dual Mode.
When you only have two computers attached to the ServSwitch 4Site Flex, use Dual Mode. Video from each of the CPUs or servers is displayed on a single monitor. As in Quad Mode, select keyboard and mouse operation from the field of the corresponding computer.

Three-on-one Picture-in-Picture Mode.
In the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, you can display the full-screen video from one of your computers. Then, the video from up to three other computers is shown. This way, you can monitor one computer while simultaneously keeping an eye on the other three. You can also scale the images to comfortable viewing size.

Advanced video processing.
Unlike other KVM switches, the 4Site Flex features an advanced video processing engine that enables a number of unique viewing opportunities. Take 2 to 16 video feeds and display them on a large-format monitor. Tie multiple KVM switching systems together to be monitored in your network operations center. Mix DVI and VGA inputs and get a high-quality, properly scaled output.

The switch automatically determines the resolution of the monitor and each of the four servers. For clear, sharp video, digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz are supported, and VGA analog resolutions of 1600 x 1200 are supported.

Easy switching.
You can switch between the four operation modes and switch control to your target machines by using the front-panel buttons, keyboard commands, mouse functions, or touchscreens.

Especif. técnicas

El producto incluye:
  • ServSwitch 4site Flex unit
  • (1) Power cable
  • (1) 19" rackmount kit
  • (1) CD with operation manual
  • (1) USB Type A male to (2) PS/2 female adapter
  • (1) Flash upgrade kit

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