Switches for MediaCento Guide

Choosing the right Ethernet Switch for your MediaCento IPX multicasting application

For MediaCento IPX multicasting applications it’s very important to choose the right Ethernet switch, one that can handle the requirements to multicast data in your network without flooding your IP infrastructure .

You will need Ethernet switches with these minimum features:

  • Gigabit (1000-Mbps) or faster Ethernet ports
  • Support for IGMP v2 (or v3) snooping
  • Support for jumbo frames (packets) up to 9216-byte size—and you must enable Jumbo frames when configuring the switches
  • High bandwidth connections between switches, preferably multi-Gigabit speed and or multiple slower links using Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)

The MediaCento IPX can be configured with multiple sources and screens. We recommend different switches for different configurations, depending on the number of sources and screens. Check the table below for the most suitable switch for your MediaCento IPX configuration.

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Recommended Switches for MediaCento IPX

One source to multiple screens
MediaCento IPX Units*1 source to ≤ 5 screens1 source to ≤ 19 screens1 source to ≥ 20 screens
With PoELPB2910ALPB2926A(2) LPB2926A
Without PoELGB1110ALGB5028A
(2) LGB5028A
Multiple sources to multiple screens
MediaCento IPX Units*Up to 8 endpointsUp to 24 endpointsUp to 48 endpoints
With PoELPB2910ALPB2926ALPB2952A










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