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Black Box Solutions & Services


Black Box Solutions Overview & Value Proposition

Comprehensive IT.  Optimized.  Delivering solutions to drive business value and success

 IT Services

IT Services Overview

IT Service Solutions allow you to refocus on your priorities.

Security & Risk Mitigation

Take control of your security and minimize your risk.

Unified Communications & Collaboration  

Black Box UCC Overview

Realize your company's full potential with Unified Communications & Collaboration.


Black Box Enterprise Wireless Overview

Enterprise excellence depends on your wireless strategy.

Black Box Brand Products

 Cabinets & Racks

ClimateCab™ Data Cabinets

Climate-controlled protection enables you to install servers and other IT equipment without additional cooling or costly infrastructure.

EliteCab™ Data Cabinets & Racks

Get a customized enclosure in only two days.

Elite QuietCab™ Acoustic IT Cabinets

Reduce noise and increase productivity.

Wallmount ClimateCab

Protect and cool equipment in areas without air conditioning.

Pre-Terminated Fiber Cable Save yourself a lot of trouble and eliminate all performance worries with pre-terminated fiber cable from Black Box.
Fiber To The Desktop

When security is on the line, the comprehensive Fiber to the Desktop solution delivers evolutionary fiber optics for every application. 

Fiber Optic Cable—Your Way

Save money and reduce waste with fiber cable cut to the exact length you need.

3-Series Lockable Patch Cables

Get premium performance and lockability—no need to buy new cables.

CAT5e Specifications and

Connect with the Black Box guaranteed-for-life CAT5e structured cabling channeipl solution.

CAT6 ETL-Verified Channel Solution

Connect with the Black Box guaranteed-for-life CAT6 structured cabling channel solution.

CAT6A Specifications and Submittal

Connect with the Black Box guaranteed-for-life CAT6A structured cabling channel solution.

Custom Cables and Adapters

When you need it made to order, count on Black Box.

Fiber Product Specifications and Submittal

Connect with Black Box® fiber solutions.


Reduce cabling space, management, and costs with these space-saving cables and panels.

Black Box Connect Cables and Hardware

The smart choice when price matters most

 Carts and Storage
Mobile Device Carts and Lockers

Store, transport, and charge your school’s tablets and laptops.

 Digital Signage & Multimedia

iCOMPEL™ Digital Signage

Deliver the right message at the right time. This enterprise digital signage solution is ideal for multi-site and ad-based networks!

MediaCento™ IPX Extenders

Extend HDMI video over an IP network to as many as 250 distant screens—or to video walls!

MediaFlyer™ EXPRESS Digital Signage

The affordable, easy way to create professional digital signage in-house for small and medium businesses.

NEC/3M iCOMPEL™ Touchscreen LCDs

Take your iCOMPEL signage to the next level with touch interactivity.

Everything Behind the Screens

End-to-end infrastructure solutions for digital signage, kiosks, and video applications.


Pro Switching Systems for Network Backup and Redundancy

Industry-leading solutions to prevent downtime and ensure network access.

 KVM Solutions  See the most comprehensive KVM suite for every industry and every vertical.
 Boxilla  Award-winning KVM and AV/IT Management offering enterprise-level management for virtual and digital KVM.

Digital KVM Matrix Switching


Learn more about our DKM Digital KVM Matrix Switches featuring flexible, instantaneous switching for production and command and control environments.

Enterprise Class KVM Solutions for Media & Entertainment Scalable enterprise KVM solutions for instantaneous access and real-time control.

IP Enabled Remote KVM Management

Manage KVM equipment and servers from anywhere at any time.


KVM extension, switching, and remote desktop solution.

ServSwitch™ Agility

Go farther, do more with digital KVM extension over IP.

ServSwitch™ Freedom

Switch between up to four CPUs simply by moving a mouse.

ServSwitch™ Secure KVM Switches

Combat a range of data leakage threats with these ultra-secure switches.


Micro Mini Media Converters

Ultra-compact converters bring fiber to the desktop and other tight places.

PoE Solutions

Put technology wherever you need it—without running power.

Pure Networking™ Media Converters

Rackmount or standalone, these converters won’t break the bank.

Remote Monitoring & Management

AlertWerks™ ServSensor Monitoring Hubs and Intelligent Sensors

Guard your mission-critical IT equipment against physical threats—remotely.

 Vertical Market-Focused Brochures
Control Room Solutions  Discover control room technology solutions that work the way you work and evolve with your future needs.

Federal IT Solutions

Add flexibility and peace of mind to your communications initiatives.

Healthcare Solutions

Discover the right IT solutions to help you deliver world-class healthcare.

Retail Solutions

Leverage today’s technologies to enhance the customer experience.