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DKM FX Modular KVM Extender Housing Chassis - 2 Slot, 24VDC Power Supply

Extension system with a compact or modular design completing the DKM switches but also stand-alone to use.

Item #:  Modular KVM Extender Housing Chassis - 2 Slot, 24VDC Power Supply


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Product Features

  • Combine and extend multiple video and peripheral interfaces
  • Use a chassis with transmitter modules on your CPU end and the corresponding chassis with receiver modules at your user station
  • CATx up to 140m, multi-mode up to 1000m, single-mode up to 10km
  • Extend 4k60 DisplayPort signals up to 1km over mulitmode or 5km over singlemode
  • Pixel perfect resolution up to 2048 x 1152
  • 24Bit color depth
  • Video options for DVI, Display Port, HDMI, SDI, VGA in, and many more


The DKM extender setup provides the widest range of possible combinations, which makes it easy to customize it for your specific application.

The DKM Modular KVM Extenders are comprised of modular housing chassis with 2, 4, 6, or 21 slots, basic link modules, and upgrade modules for your peripheral needs. Special converter modules provide a video conversion for analog video input formats and DVI output. It is also possible to integrate an 8-port DKM FXC switching module into the DKM Extender housing to save even more space.

DKM Modular Extender Housings

The housings featured on this page are available with desktop chassis for two, four, or six modules or use a 19" rack mount chassis for 21 modules. For mission-critical applications, all housings are available with redundant power. DC-power with 12-, 24- or 48VDC for industrial usage can be supplied, too.

Each housing must be equipped with at least one basic link module. Mix and match the modules according to your needs. Choose housing with transmitter modules for your computer end and housing with the corresponding receiver modules at your user station.

The desktop housings can be mounted with optional kits on DIN-rails, walls, under the table as well as in 19" racks. No matter which chassis you select, all ports are arranged on the front side of the chassis to ensure comfortable access while installing and maintaining them.

Basic Link Modules

Each housing must be equipped with at least one Basic Link Module. These modules provide a video port and USB HID ports as well as the cable connection to the remote end. Choose from versions with CATx, fiber at 1 Gbps, high-speed fiber at 2.5 Gbps or redundant links depending on your distance and bandwidth requirements. The modules are available with a variety of video interfaces like Single Link or Dual Link DVI-D, DVI-I with VGA input and DVI-D output, HDMI or DisplayPort.

Use a 2.5 Gbps high-speed module for demanding video applications. The basic link modules with redundancy offer two link connections. Use these modules to establish backup channels or to split a video channel for two users. Mix and match the basic link modules within the housing according to your needs.

Add further peripherals via the Upgrade Modules

The Upgrade Modules carry their signals over the cable connections provided by the Basic Link Modules to save on infrastructure needs. They provide a large variety of peripheral interfaces like USB HID, PS/2, embedded USB 2.0 at 36 Mbps, serial RS-232 or RS-422 data, bidirectional analog audio, and uni-, or-bidirectional digital audio. If you need to extend high-speed USB 2.0 devices like Wacom tablets use the transparent USB 2.0 module providing speeds up to 480 Mbps. However, this module requires an exception with an additional link cable. In short, also USB 3.0 modules will be available. Mix and match the options according to your application needs.

Analogue Video Sources

The DKM Converter Modules allow the integration of analog video formats like component and composite video as well as industrial video formats like EGA, CGA, MDA. In addition, there are options for SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI available. The modules convert these signals into digital DVI-D signals being transmitted over the distance without any losses.

KVM Switching Capabilities via DKM FXC Switching Modules

The DKM FXC Switching Modules provides real space savings. These modules offer the full feature set of the DKM FXC Matrix Switches (ACXC08/ACXC08F) but in a very compact design occupying only two slots in your DKM extender chassis. Build them into the transmitter housing to allow your remote user instant switching between up to eight computers. Choose from the version with up to eight CATx connections to the user and computers or eight fiber ports.

Tech Specs

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